1. I can see why these pastries would be difficult to resist. You did an excellent job of creating this pastry at home – not always an easy task. While these pastries are made with a yeast dough, they remind me a bit of scones that I make for our breakfast. It is funny how different cultures often have similar foods.

    • Thanks, Jovina. I just wanted to eat a huge one every day. My version was almost perfect, but for the sugary part. I don’t think I spread it thin enough to decorate, but the taste was the same. I make scones almost every Saturday too! These were in place of those so your observation is correct! The closest things these remind me of are like a danish or a brioche. Every culture has its own version of these and meatballs. I totally agree 🙂 xo

  2. My god, Amanda, they look heartwarming and absolutely enticing. I love the two doughs, they remind me of a streusel danish here but these conchas look so much fluffier and lighter.

    Just one question, was it really necessary to add the pictures of the churros on top? What am I to do now, my screen tastes nothing like all these delights.. Torture.

    • Thank you, Nicole! These really saved the day for me. They do taste very much like a streusel danish, but they’re kind of like a brioche. LOL re churros. I had to! They were in the same bakery. I had to share with everyone the temptation I faced every day! I made my coworkers go on churro runs with me. So great 🙂 xo

  3. Lovely post and what a recipe! I just love simple baking, and this looks like something I could manage! I love the sugar topping. I’ll definitely try this one out when the weather cools down, and I find the courage to turn the oven on. I was just telling a colleague about my frustration at not being able to find specific ingredients like a variety of dried peppers or masa, but here you are with a simple, straightforward recipe, which only calls for basic ingredients, while resulting in something unique and special. And these are definitely nowhere to be found in France! Love it!

    • Thanks, Darya. When I come, I’ll bring you everything you’ll need! 🙂 There are some very simple dishes, but the special peppers and spices are what make Mexican food unique. They do have some pretty impressive baked goods that anyone can make. I bet you’re shell design would even come out pretty. You’d like these I think. It’s finally hot in NY too now so I hear you about the oven. It just happened overnight! Enjoyyour week!

  4. Nothing beats the smell of a good bakery, except perhaps your kitchen! I love your plates – they look like you found them in Mexico 😉

    • Aw. I totally agree! The bakery smell is so seductive! I did find these in Mexico. I went to a beautiful market where everything was handmade. There’s just so much skill and art there it’s almost overwhelming. Thank you, MD. I always love hearing from you 🙂

  5. I love the way you capture the feeling and colour of Mexico, a place so often cast in such a negative light. Those gorgeous little pastries say so much…food is a great conduit to opening up conversations, discovering the real people behind the preconceptions.

    • Thank you, Anna. I totally agree with you about food being a great way to discuss things. There are so many great pastries in Mexico and that bakery in general. You realize the true significance of food when you spend time in a place. So great to hear from you. Xo

  6. These look delicious. I feel like I can smell the wonderful smell of them baking from here! I agree that the kitchen can be such a comforting place. I work out a lot of emotions in the kitchen, especially with baking! I also enjoy seeing Mexico through your lens.

  7. You had me at your description of a sweetened dough with a thin, light layer of sugar on top. I don’t even drink coffee but I’d have it the same way you did, with an expresso.
    Soooo yummy!!

    I’m not much of a baker so all I can do is stare longingly at your pics and smile with a faraway look in my eyes 🙂

    • Thank you, Dana. I love your comment. I think you’d be able to make these. I wasn’t a baker, until I was. You really just have to follow instructions. No messing around with proportions or heat. But I think you’d love these 🙂 xo

  8. These conches sound mouthwatering, I would´t have resisted either, believe me. I can almost smell and taste them from your vivid description, Amanda! Nothing compares a sweet yeast dough straight from the oven!

      • In fact, I do follow you but realized I never got any posts anymore , it´s been weeks! Thought you had paused from blogging first – so happy to have identified the problem!!

        • Oh so odd! Sometimes self-hosting does weird things to my posts. I’m glad you refound me 🙂 I’ve been posting from Mexico, but now I’m home. No matter where I am, the blog has become my online home so I try to check in once a week with a post! When I’m away thought it’s a little harder to visit all of my beloved friends’ blogs so I’m just now catching up.

  9. You’re so right Amanda about the largeness of spirit and abundant physical beauty in Mexico – a country which has a home in my heart that takes me by surprise. I never expected to fall in love with Mexico. I went for the sunshine. What I found was so much more. There’s an intensity and joy and cultural depth in Mexico that astonishes. I love these pastries. And how perfect with that double espresso. Lovely!

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