1. My kind of dessert. We love cherries and pistachios and there isn’t a lot of sugar in this tart. I even have a cherry pitter to take out the pits. Great idea you had for a recipe. Will definitely give this a try since cherries are in season now.
    Love the photos.

    • Thanks Jovina! I didn’t know they sold cherry pitters. I just cut the meat off the cherries around the pit on both sides. You would like this dessert! I hope you’re doing well.

  2. it’s a labour of love preparing the cherries and pistachios but the sort of kitchen job I really enjoy! Gorgeous recipe and the photos are beautiful. Big Man will especially love the photo of the domino hall as when we are in Spain he enjoys playing cards and dominos with the “old boys” in our local bar!

    • Omg that’s awesome, Chica. This domino hall was new to me but I loved it. I agree about they labor of love that I don’t mind. I was lolling for rhubarb but couldn’t find any so I went with the more annoying but more delicious cherries. Thanks so much.

  3. Wow, your tart looks incredible!! Wouldn’t have thought to combine pistachios and cherries–definitely a unique combo. Great job with the photos as well. Loving Frida’s kitchen!

    • Thanks so much, Mary Frances! The combo wad a substitute for rhubarb but it worked out perfectly. And fridas whole house was amazing. I even got her mole recipe.

  4. That tart is wonderful, love cherries and pistachios and the combination looks amazing. I also love Frida, my favorite artist of all time. I would love to visit her kitchen, how wonderful you got a photo, it’s so beautiful. I can well imagine that Mexico is sensory overload, the food, the intensity, the beauty.

    • You are so right. The tart is almost a perfect reflection of all of the colors and flavors I’m seeing here. Fridas works are so beautiful and painful. It’s a combo of suffering and persistence. What an inspiration. I got her mole recipe and will share. 😉 xo

  5. That’s a great combination, though I don’t think you can find cake flour outside of America. I’m sure plane flour will suffice. I love the pictures of Frida’s kitchen and the domino bar. I’m not ready to sit in a bar playing games yet, but it looks like my kind of place regardless 😉

    • Oh I wasn’t ready either, MD. I lost so terribly. I’ve never used cake flour. If you substitute 2 tbsp per cup of all purpose with corn flour then the glutens are such that it works or the same. Fridas house is amazing and I’m getting the hang of dominos ;). The cherry pistachio combo is killer

  6. it’s cherry season, though i am clinging rather fiercely to strawberries. in fact, i was planning to go strawberry picking on more time friday and the farm has lovely cherry varities ripening that i could pick too…

  7. Oh wow, thanks for the shout out, Amanda! I love how you used the pâte sucrée to create something simple, and yet special, unique, elegant, and I doubt not, delicious! I love the combo of cherries and pistachios, I would just love this tart! I can imagine how you feel in Mexico, being both happy there, and yet longing for home, that’s how I always felt during my own travels.

    • Thanks for the great recipe, Darya. Your tart inspired me. I knew you would love the pistachios too. I’d love to make this for you one day. Xo

  8. I work and live in 3 languages every day- sometimes even 4 if I have to. I know how it feels, and how it affects the way you think and the way you live- but I love it. Here in Lux almost everyone speaks 3-4 languages and commutes to another country for work or goes back home to another country after work. I love cherries- my absolute favorite fruit and I always look forward to it! Lovely pictures as always, hugs my dear xx

  9. Beautiful recipe and fantastic photography. I love it. On a side note, we will be in France in a couple of weeks where we will be able to gorge on cherries. I can’t wait.

    • Thank you, Conor. I’m so jealous of your France trip. Enjoy. And your photos ate always gorgeous so the compliment holds weight. Best, A

  10. Beautiful tart. And hooray for Frida (and your illegal photos). Have you tried the Alice Medrich crust recipe where you just melt butter and pat the dough into the pan? So easy. No planning ahead or waiting required. And quite good.

    • Thanks, Michelle. I’ve never tried it but I’m about to. Fridas house is amazing and the food better is just….I had a moment at dinner tonight where I wanted to bring our whole community to share it. It was that good. I kept thinking how much everyone would appreciate it!

  11. I like the look of this tart. I am a big fan of cherries and have some on hand. This tarts seems simple but it is rich and has to be delicious! I find this recipe very fascinating, especially the dough and have to try it. The pictures are beautiful, as always!

  12. Amanda, I know how it feels – overload and burning the candles at both ends. I took a time-out and feel a little more refreshed. I adore this tart and can’t wait to try out the wonderful flavour combination of cherries and pistachios. Again, gorgeous pictures of Frida Kahlo’s paintings and house.

    Nicole xx

    • Thank you, Mimi! So great to hear from you. Life gets more interesting in mexico. You yourself have some mexican influence in your recipes. This has taken my cooking to a new level and my heart to a new level of divide. Home vs. Adopted home. I just had a guyaba today, a special fruit here in mexico. The cherries here are imported from our lovely states so I’m eating both. Xo

  13. It’s a BEAUTIFUL-looking tart, Amanda! And the flavors of pistachio and cherry even made it beyond BEAUTIFUL 🙂

    And this is a lovely post. Enjoyed every bit of it <3

  14. That looks so delicious Amanda! And gosh what patience, all that peeling and halving, this is definitely something to bake with time to enjoy. I’m working alot from Madrid aswell from the last year, ok I know Madrid is not another country like Mexico is (even though Bcn likes to think they are another country but lets not go into that…) and I sort of feel like I have two homes and tow lives…

    • Thanks, Sofia! This is a great tart and I figured out a method for cutting the cherries, but yes, you need a bit of time. Barcelona does feel like another country so you definitely know what it’s like to have 2 lives.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! In my mind this is the perfect summer dessert. We are on the same page! Enjoy them while they’re here! Xo

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