1. we’re going through a heat wave right now, ice cream is for dinner most nights 🙂
    but i love a good chili recipe that either calls for chocolate or coffee added to the mix – it adds another dimension to the dish that is unexpected and surprisingly gooooood.

    have a great weekend, i’m so envious of your mexican adventures.

    • I totally agree, Lan. I actually intended to post ice cream because ny was so hot. I ended up making kulfi, Indian ice cream, but something want right about the texture so I made the chili 🙂 these adventures are really fun. I work like a dog then play hard. I’ll sleep when I get home. Xo

  2. Awesome, my Indonesian licking gonna lovin any Spicy mexican bean chili, fany even more with the additional cocoa powder for more unique rich flavour…….
    fyi, i’ve been served savoury chocolate sauce for my civet coffee crusted steak and its taste awesome too

  3. Mole is not an easy dish to make and there are so many variations of it.
    This looks really good though, very similar to the ones I’ve seen made.
    Cracking up @ “Now I’m ready to be dragged out by the police for taking an illegal photo.”

    • Thanks, Dana. And you think I’m kidding. There’s one Diego Rivera photo on my instagram that I totally got kicked out for. More to come. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Mezcal with spiced oranges and dried raw garlic – I’m there, how fantastic! I love tiny hole in the wall bars. That really reminds me of Spain. When I first got there people kept taking me to shiny new chrome bars when all I wanted was to see the bodegas and old fashioned bars – all the things that looked uniquely Spanish and not modern global.
    The black bean mole reminds me of Barcelona and my flat mate Juan Carlos from Ecuador, who showed me how to cook black beans, garlic and onion very slowly in an earthenware pot. I couldn’t get over the bacony flavour the dish had without harming a hair on a pig’s head!
    Your chili sounds delicious – that’s my kind of dish – I will be cooking it soon 😉
    Echoing Tanya et al., don’t get locked up by the police, but at least you work for a law firm and someone will come to save you if necessary.

    • Haha let’s hope so, MD re: locked up abroad. I love your description of the Spanish bodegas and that dish sounds amazing. You made me laugh at your disbelief that a dish could have so much flavor without sacrificing a pig. Md, you would love this mezcal place. Each one was from a different part of the agave and a different region of Mexico. One was smokey and suave and the other was smooth but burned. I have to go back and try more. Have a great weekend.

  5. Lovely dish and great photos, Amanda! I hope you are enjoying your trip to Mexico, though I must admit, it is so hot and humid here I cannot imagine eating it in this weather! I do adore all beans, and love the combination of flavors and spices here. And I’ve yet to add cocoa powder to a savory dish!

    • You will love it, Darya. I had to make him something that would last so fish and salads with fruit weren’t going to fly. It had to be this. It’s a great recipe even if it’s not the season. There is always room for chili!

  6. Ooo, this is good chili! It’s a bit rare for me to make chili but I can see I’ll have to put this one together for the guys. Such a simple recipe, yet I can tell it’s very flavorful. They’ll love it! I’ll definitely keep an eye on your site for that Frida Kahlo’s mole recipe!

    • Thank you, Seana. Even if you’re not a chili person the boys will think you’re a hero when you make this. I wanted to make your chilaquiles actually but I’ll do it when I get home. I’m having plenty for breakfast here.

  7. Love hearing about your trips to Mexico. Your chili looks like one I would like. I have never used black beans before, so I will have to try this.
    BTW – one of these days a neighbor of yours is going to wave to us from across from your kitchen window – I keep waiting.

    • Haha. Thanks, Jovina. The thing is that i keep my blinds shut all tbe time except when I’m taking pics. That window is actually in the bedroom. My kitchen window faces a dark alleyway. The chili is so so flavorful. So great to hear from you. So far this has been one of my best trips yet. Xo

  8. I love cities and discovering them on my own, especially at night. Your evening makes me a little bit jealous 😉 I dream of visiting Mexico City one day. You’re sure enjoying your stay so I can’t really wish you that. I love adding cacao to chilies – I will try this version, just leave the meat out. I’m glad I found your website, it feels full of stories. All the best!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Dorota. I too live discovering new cities on my own, being careful of course (hi dad). The cacao and chili combo is amazing. Leave it the meat and add zucchini flowers like they do in mexico and you’re golden. Xo enjoy your weekend!

  9. Yet another delicious dish and cool shots from that window of yours! Oh wait, I’m confused . . . how can you be in Mexico City and yet have the same window? Inquiring minds want to know. As to moles, they are really the quiet, sophisticated lady of latina cuisine, don’t you think? We have a wonderful restaurant here in LA that focuses on moles and I am set for a visit next week, can’t wait. In the meantime, thank you for the chili recipe, we are big chili fans around here (one pot meals).

    • I love the way you put that, Sue! The quiet sophisticated lady for sure. As for my window I made this and the next 2 recipes the day before I left. In mexico I live out of a hotel and spend my time investigating money laundering. Oh and eating!!! I’m jealous of your l.a. proximity to good food! Xo

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