1. Haha!!
    Happy Thursday to you too. Spring is definitely the season of playing hooky and I made my first (successful) attempt at it last week 😀
    Although I wish I had this bowl of salad with me.

  2. That got me looking up Farro, which I’d never heard of before! I love the idea of using the salad with rilletes on sourdough toast – I’ve got a tin of good French duck rilletes in the cupboard 😉

    • Oh man, Md. You can’t just say something like that and walk away! Share! There has been a real resurgence lately of ancient grains like bulgar, quinoa, amaranth, etc. I’ve been trying to learn tbe differences and chin with them. Have a great week.

  3. yes to one pot salads that can be brought to a picnic! this is my fave kind of side where it’s not so filling that you want to die, but it’s so good that you want to keep eating it. i love the addition of the roasted grapes. any kind of fruit added to a salad is a bonus in my opinion.

    • I totally agree. I’m all about grain based sides with dried or ripe fruit. I always put raisins in bulgar or dried cranberries in couscous. It adds to flavor and texture. Thanks again for your comment!

  4. Farro and Grapes…a delicious exploration of ancient foods from the food bowl of civilization. Stunning pics, your play on light is brilliant.
    You’ve got me thinking about duck rilletes, sourdough and a glass of Soave…yum x

    • Thank you, Anna! It really is a great time for fresh food with little extra. Just good combos. I hope you have a wonderful picnic in your future somewhere too!

  5. Amanda, this looks wonderful. I love these kinds of salads, so satisfying and bursting with freshness, different textures and flavors that you wouldn’t expect to work together. The weather here is warmer at last, and a picnic is definitely something I want to do soon!

    • I thought of you as I was making this. It does have all the elements you love in it. Even the color palette is similar to your last post. This is something I would make for you 🙂 I hope you do get to picnic. The weather has finally cleared up here, but it’s still not hot, which I actually appreciate. xo

    • Thanks so much. It’s so much a part of what I do here. I’m always aiming to create a space as I am creating a dish. I’m so glad you said that 🙂 xo

  6. First off, love your pictures! They’re so full of color. Second, this salad! OH my! I am slowly starting to eat other grains, loving bulgur right now, and I definitely want to try this! I usually eat my bulgur savory, with rosemary oil, parsley, a poached egg and feta, but I think some roasted grapes would not be amiss. So trying!

    • Thanks, Chaya! Bulgar is one of my faves these days too. I like to add dried cranberries to it for texture and flavor. I had that picnic today and I loved the crunchiness of the radish with the brightness of lemon and the grapes. Leeks are key too. You would like this one! Xo have a great weekend.

  7. Food this beautiful is not only good for the body but good for the soul. I like the menu suggestion – right down to the bottle of rose. A perfect summer menu. This is lovely Amanda. xo

    • Thank you so much…and I did bring it to a picnic. It was perfect. I cannot get enough of this. Thanks for stopping by, Lindy. I hope you’re doing well! xo

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