1. That sounds like a marriage made in heaven (or hell with lots of chilli). Wouldn’t I love to see a food truck park on the corner selling these at 1pm! Time to listen to Tequilla, which always makes me think of Pee Wee Herman 😉

  2. Wow, Amanda, these Korean tacos look amazing. I love all those spices, herbs, veggies, the flavorful meat and the lovely presentation. Korean ingredients are easier to come by than Mexican ones, so perhaps I might even be able to make this some day, unlike most of your Mexican-Latin American recipes! 😀

    • Thank you, Darya! I hope you do make them. I almost linked to your tortilla recipe as I looked it up again to try to do them, but the recipe has just enough components that asking for a homemade tortilla might have been pushing it. I definitely need to try that again. Xo

  3. I get your obsession with Korean food Amanda So spicy and flavorful. I taught Tae Kwon Do for years and was very involved in Korean culture and spent many unforgettable evenings around the dinner tables of students and parents. I have a couple of very interesting, but laughable stories of how one family made their kimchi by burying it in their backyard and how another family marinaded the bulgogi in their bathtub for a large picnic gathering. (and I was at the picnic too!) I love how you are infusing the two together and I know I would love your taco’s. Beautifully plated.

    • Omg that’s awesome re tae kwon do. Im all about fitness and discipline with your workouts but not without some flexibility. I know traditional kimchi is brief, but I’ve never had it that way! The bathtub is outrageous, but my husband be up in a mostly Korean neighborhood and i know those picnics. I even started trying to compete. I bought a little hibachi grill and invited my mother in law and all of her friends. It was fab, but no comparison. Bi was tempted to infiltrate the churchv just to snag an invite. So cool. Thanks for your thoughtful comments as always. I love them. Xo

  4. Oh yay!!
    I was hoping you’d post something for Cinco de Mayo and you didn’t disappoint Amanda!
    This is such an awesome post, kudos kudos kudos 🙂

  5. Yes, I can completely imagine this combination but would never have thought of it. Well done! I can imagine making this soon and perhaps there will be a Margarita to go along with it. Feliz Cinco de Mayo! xo

  6. Omg i LOVE this idea. I live in San Diego where there is a plethora of taco options, but for some reason I find myself always avoiding mexican restaurants and going down the street to my favorite asian restaurants… this seems like the perfect taco for me!! Love it!

    • I hear you. I will say, Mexican food in the US is completely different than Mexican food in Mexico and I’m not sure why. Only recently in really good “gourmet” Mexican restaurants am I seeing similarities. The Asian food here, if you know where to go tends to be authentic, especially the Korean. This is your taco. Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

  7. I hadn’t thought of it before, but with your love of Korean + Mexican, you are the female East Coast version of Roy Choi! Looks absolutely delicious. Are you still traveling back and forth?

    • Thanks, Michelle. He’s way cooler than i am. I did my last trip in april and I’m here until end of June. I pulled on some help. Maybe i should start a food truck! Xo

  8. Fantastic, Amanda, an absolutely wonderful combination of Korean & Mexican and I can’t wait to have one or two or three of these tacos. I’ll throw my kimchi in (still have a lot here in the fridge from the Korean cooking weekend, loved your pancakes with a passion by the way). Nicole

  9. I love fusion food because it brings together what we love in different food cultures.This taco is amazing! Coincidentally, I made tacos yesterday. I wanted to add some Indian flavours to it but my daughter totally objected it. Seeing this is making me happy! Good to know about Cinco de Mayo and its history. This is a great information I got from your blog post!. Nice pictures too!

    • Thanks so much! So cool that you made tacos too. I think Indian flavors in a taco would be amazing, ie. the cumin in mac and cheese. I”m a fan of fusion. Sometimes it just works. Thanks for your lovely comment. xo

  10. You are very creative! Well done, girl! 🙂 I’d love to eat these aromatic tacos, but not to cook. Most of the time I buy required sauces and paste and make such dish just once, and all those bottles just stand in the fridge almost unused..
    I wish I could take some from the pics! 😀

    • Thank you! I hear you. The same happens to me except that I’ve been all about korean food lately and I’ve made my way through the bottles little by little. I wish i could send you one or start a food truck near you! Xo

    • There is a lot of fusion in Los angeles. This is a dish I think you in particular might like. I hope you’re well,Sofia! Thanks for stopping by. Xoxo

    • The great thing about it is that once you stock up on the ingredients, you’ll have them for every other Korean dish! It’s all so good!

    • Thanks so much, Justine! These are really good. I hope you do make them. It has me thinking about other really cool fusions i could make. Xo

  11. Bulgogi is my favorite Korean sauce. Combining beef and bulgogi is out of this world. Great Korean-Mexican fusion, Amanda. The tacos looks absolutely delicious!

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