1. I often use almond milk for baking. Your recipe looks so refreshing and I am sure, as you suggest it is very good in cereal or granola. I am guessing the dates are used to add natural sweetness. This recipe certainly celebrates all the good things on the earth – Happy Earth Day.

    • Thanks, Jovina. That’s really cool that you use it for baking. I’m not surprised. It adds great flavor. The dates are for a hint of sweetness and you barely notice that they’re there. So good. Happy Earth Day to you too. I look forward to your thoughtful comments 🙂

  2. my favorite thing about the food culture right now is the use of EVERYTHING. parts of animals that were thrown out (in the US anyway) are now norms that you see on menus or available for purchase. and making homemade almond milk garners not only something nutritious to drink but the grounds of the almond flesh itself to bake with. perfection.

    • I totally agree, Lan. People are becoming less wasteful and more resourceful, not just out of necessity, but awareness and I love it. It’s a good earth day message!

  3. Horchata (orxata in Catalan) is very popular in Spain and is generally made with chufa (chufes) – tiger nuts. Apparently the name orxata comes from from ordiata, made from ordi (barley). It is said the orxata de chufes originated in Ancient Egypt and was brought to Spain by the Moors. Valencia had the perfect climate for growing chufes (tiger nuts) and is therefore considered the horchata capital of Spain. I’m familiar with quite a few wonderful old fashioned orxaterias in Barcelona. These places are definitely worth a visit when visiting.
    …and now you’ve got me wanting to try horchata de almendras – in Mexico, of course 😉

    • Oh yes, MD ! I love the chufa horchata in Spain, but I sought out this man because he’s the only one making it in with almendras instead of chufas in Andalucia. And i hate to admit it, I sooooo prefer the almond one. After tasting that, I couldn’t go back to the tiger nut, though I sometimes order it online and bottled to remind me of Spain. When I realized how easy it was to make (and in mexico they add rice too) I had to go with almonds for preference and availability. I love the old fashioned orxaterias. LOVE. If you go to andalucia, seek out this man. He’s in Sevilla. He’s a renegade in Spain, but maybe he’d be a regular old guy in Mexico 🙂

  4. Amanda, lovely words and really beautiful pictures for this simple, delicious almond milk. I make nut milks more and more often these days, as Pierre seems to dislike cow’s milk more and more. I don’t usually use any of the extra ingredients, but you make me want to try, and just drink it straight. I really enjoyed the story about the horchata guy in Spain! How moving. And I love that you use the pulp as well, I usually just add it to yoghurt, or make “truffles”.

  5. Making almond milk is quite new to us but we love it! It’s one of those processes that really make you feel like you are grounded and at peace. The internal flower child appears! 🙂 We’ve been buying store bought for years but the flavor and texture doesn’t compare to making it at home. My son loves horchata and I’ve never made it for him. After reading & seeing this that’ll have to change. And what a great idea to sweeten with dates! I could drink a whole mason jar right now. I love your post today. You really capture the essence of Spring both in words and visuals. Great lighting!

    • Thank you so much, Seana! I agree with you. I’ve had almond milk from the store and never really liked it that much. But THIS!!! We did drink the whole thing in a day and then some. So much for mindfulness. I love that you started doing this a while ago. I think that anything that takes a little time when the reward is so much greater than store bought becomes meditative and not just nourishing, like making risotto. Thanks for your thoughtful comment as always. It’s always so great to hear from you. Enjoy the week!

  6. Omg Amanda! Do you know that I literally JUST tried almond milk the other day? It always seemed watery and thin compared to soy-milk (which is my go-to) but one night last week we were out of it, and I made myself an almond milk hot chocolate. It was so good! Making my own never occurred to me, but it looks pretty simple! Does it taste a lot better than store-bought milk?

    • LOL! We’re cosmically connected. I agree with you about seeming watery from the store. I think if you make it yourself it’s not watery at all. It’s rich and nutty. It’s much better than store bought. Almond milk in hot chocolate is a brilliant idea. Nuts and chocolate were meant for each other. It is easy to do. Soak the nuts for a bit, grind, add water and strain. So SO good. xo.

  7. Amanda, this is brilliant. Almonds are so good and so healthy and I didn’t realize, it was so easy to make. I’m definitely going to give it a try (I always have almonds and fresh dates at home). You’re talented, I like reading your post and I agree with Michelle your pictures are stunning 🙂

    • You’re like me, Linda! I always have almonds and dates. I’d say they’re the one constant in my house. Thanks so much for the compliments. I’m still learning with the photos. It’s a constant experiment and it’s fun. I’m loving following you all over instagram. xo Enjoy the weekend.

  8. I’d heard about making almond milk and since I use store bought almond milk daily – you’d think I would have tried it sooner. But seeing yours has motivated me. I love the Medjool dates in there. Very glad you posted this. Gorgeous photographs as always.

    • Thanks, Lindy. Making your own is so easy and I think it tastes better. You can use the leftover almonds in cakes, on salads on fish or whatever. The dates are a subtle touch. Let me know if you end up doing it. I have nothing against store bought, I just like to know there are other options and if they taste better and the expenditure of energy isn’t too much, then stick with it. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well! I’m due for another trip up north soon. xo

  9. Oops, I totally forgot about doing an almond post for nuts.com. Your post reminded me and now I’m feeling a little guilty. But there’s just so much going on! They’ve got the best blogger to do it, anyway (YOU!). Besides, I’ve only very recently tried almond milk. Your adding the dates is an eye-opener. What a great idea!

    • You are too kind. Thank you. Awesome that they asked you too! Maybe you can do a different one because you are a titan! And you manage so much at once. Even your messups are beautiful. I rarely get requests so when i do i think they’re a fun challenge. So nice to see you 😉 xo

  10. fantastic! Love the addition of dates. Yum. Made almond milk once in my Vita Mix, but it separated after sitting in the fridge. Of course I could shake it up again, but wish it didn’t break down. Did yours stay smooth even after sitting a few days? Would love to pour your almond milk over cereal. Pictures are awesome, as always. Lovely all of it.

    • Thanks, Liz. Mine never lasted more than a day. It’s so good. But it does separate and you have to shake it. I haven’t figured it a way around that. Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Xo

  11. You know that I’ve been thinking of making this milk for a long time now- I wanted to experiment with some white, so just for the pictures, but it looks like you can use this milk in so many ways! I will give it a go for sure 🙂 I hope you had a nice weekend. I just got back from Champagne, lots of champagne tasting as you can imagine 😉 xx

    • Oh you will like this almond milk. I am so jealous of your champagne trip! I’m sure you’ll need some rehydration afterward. This is perfect for that 😉

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