1. Wow, Amanda. Thank you for the great recipe and amazing pictures. I have no idea whether I’ll ever make it to Mexico, so I am so happy to be able to see these great pictures, and learn about what you ate there, and the fun you had taking those pictures. You are such a positive lady, I really hope we get to meet some day!

    • Thank you so much, Darya. I will upload more photos. Im trying to keep positive. 😉 working out i think might be my secret weapon. I’m still aiming to visit you in may when i see all that your beautiful country has to offer. You will love this salad, btw. Xo

  2. I think you do have the best of both worlds at present. You’ve got the short trips to Mexico with all the food and culture, but you don’t have to be away from family and friends in New York for too long.
    I really like red lentils and that salad has delicious citrus sunshine flavours. Close the blinds, turn the heating up and listen to Lila Downs. I went to see the Frida Kahlo retrospective 3 times when it was in London 😉

    • I think you’re right, MD. So great to hear from you. I love the picture you just painted. I read that they’re recreating Frida’s garden in the Bronx, here in NY. I’ll definitely go see that. I love her and Diego. This traveling has really calmed me down and is forcing me to avail myself of all the culture here.

  3. The photos are outstanding Amanda. I like the painting of the two women. I collect Mexican art, so I find the painting very appealing.
    Good thing you are not forgetting how to cook. The lentil salad looks delicious.

    • Thanks so much, Jovina. Frida Kahlo’s paintings are so beautiful. There was something a little sad about visiting her house. Very moving. And yes! I was afraid I’d forgotten how to cook 🙂

  4. I could get lost in this post. It’s gorgeous and layered, so many textures and tastes – I love it. Plus, am totally jealous you’re hanging in Mexico City with Jerry and Julian. Not fair. Bring me with you. xx (tell Jerry I followed his IG and you’re right – it’s stunning)

    • Hahah! Thanks for your comment, Madhuri! It has been an awesome experience. The guys are great. I’m really glad for the opportunity and I think a lot of it has to do with you and how you’ve been such a champion for me on this case and as a whole. So thank you. Jerry will be so happy you’re on his IG! I’ll post up some more pics next week when I’m there again! We should get a drink sometime! xo

    • Ha! Thanks, Michelle. I often turn to Heidi when I’ve messed something up and she nails it every single time. It’s pretty amazing. Yes, warmth! I’ll post more photos soon. Great to hear from you. I can’t wait to make some pasta!!

  5. Debbie

    I like lentils and I like avocados. I’ve never seen them together in a recipe before – how novel! This is an uncomplicated and healthy recipe. I will try it. Did you use the orange lentils or the green? I would imagine that the color contrast of the orange would be more aesthetically appealing and that the lentils would be softer as well. We can make this together when you come to visit.

    The pictures are amazing, especially the one in the market!


    • Thanks for your comment, Mom! So nice to see you here! Love that you commented. I did use the red lentils, although I’ve discovered these green french ones called puy that are the best. The red ones are soft and really only require like 10 mins cook time (I know because they turned to soup during the 15 minutes I was in the shower after the gym and I had to redo them when I got out). They turn yellow when cooked though. You’d like this dish a lot. I’d love to come see you soon and make this with you. I need to feel home again. I’d also like to know why you were in Mex City at 18 and with whom and what you saw. Love, A

  6. Thanks so much Amanda, stunning imagery. Will be in the US in September and now I’m thinking of taking a detour to Mexico inspired by your evocative words and pictures.

  7. This post was a most welcomed break from the view out my window, Amanda. Thank you!! Gorgeous photos…beautiful scenery, delicious food and wonderful commentary. 🙂 A great read!

  8. Amanda, Loved your stories of MC, the beautiful photos / art pics / food “porn” here. 🙂 You relax and take care of yourself now that you’re home. The red lentils, avocado and noisettes are seriously calling my name. Well done. This is a “Greg Meal” – husband would eat this every night for a week, I’m sure. Welcome back to the states! The USA is better fed and stomachs are happier now that you’re back in your NYC kitchen, amiga mia. Besos.

    • You are so sweet. So funny, my husband asked me to make this for a week for the next time I travel. I guess because it’s hearty and flavorful. Thanks so much for caring. I’m relaxing a bit more and breathing a little easier here. Gracias por comentar. Un beso grande. xo

  9. Beautiful post, Amanda 🙂 The delightful recipe and the gorgeous pictures. The movie of the life of Frida Kahlo is an excellent movie. Amanda you have just a superb blog my Dear. Have a great weekend!

  10. Your colors bring a little sunlight into my room, now that I´m waiting for spring. REd lentils are such a great base for all kinds of soups and stews, aren´t they? I guess Mexico
    City must be an inspiring place, not only food wise ….no wonder you love it! Beautiful vacation pictures!!

    • Thanks, Sabine. I do love red lentils. They aren’t quite vacation pics. I’m sort of living there for a case (two weeks on, two weeks off). I try to squeeze in all of the cultural stuff between meetings! It does have me ready for spring! Xo

  11. Beautiful photos and loved hearing about what you’re doing. Amazing recipe – I lvoe red lentils but usually tend to make a dhal, so this is a wonderful change. Adore that Frida Kahlo painting 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Chica. So glad you like the recipe. It seems so simple but it’s a game changer. And im so glad to share my travels with everyone. Xo

  12. Your photos made me dream of warm sun! The salad looks delicious and healthy. Speaking of Frida and Diego, Barbara Kingsolver wrote a beautiful novel based on their lives. I think you would enjoy it if you have not read it.

  13. love your photo album 🙂 Envy you your travel. Will definitely make that salad–so pretty and also looks delicious. And Freida Kahlo rocks! What wonderful experiences you are having. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wonderful photos of Mexico City! I’m really unfamiliar with Mexican cooking so I’m going to have try some of your Mexican recipes! Unfortunately we only have really bad renditions of Tex-Mex in Johannesburg. As an Art History student I’ve had “Frida’s Fiestas” on my wishlist foreeeeveeer (http://www.amazon.com/Fridas-Fiestas-Recipes-Reminiscences-Frida/dp/0517592355). It would be fascinating to see what Frida herself served to her family.

    P.S 101 Cookbooks does always kill it! Heidi’s blog is such an inspiration!

    • Great comment, Mika!! Tex mex has its place but doesn’t reflect how good Mexican food is! Art history?!! You’d looove Mexico! !! I’ve never seen so much art and so accessible too! I’m so getting this book before my next trip. Thank you! And yes re Heidi’s blog. She’s such an amazing resource. Have a wonderful weekend! Xo

  15. May you get up and fight back even harder, very well said. You are so making my heart yearn to go to Mexico, how magnificent all the impressions are (you are right, Jerry Gomez’ photos are great)! But above all, when I come to the end of this wonderful post, there is my favourite Frida Kahlo painting! Heidi, exactly, kills it every time – the things she does with lentils…
    Nicole xo

    P.S. Amanda, now, guess who thought, Tinga de Pollo was your latest post?

    Mika, Lupe Rivera’s book about Frida Kahlo’s Fiestas is enticing, stories about Frida & Diego (Lupe is Diego’s daughter) are woven into recipes, pictures and impressions of the blue house and studio and of course, paintings.

    • Omg! I’m sooo getting this book! I love that you guys are so well read. I can’t wait. Im also glad you guys lovd heidi like i do. That frida photo was taken in their house, the casa azul. What an amazing place. I’ll tell jerry that his instagram is a hit. Hes making me want to be a better photographer. Too bad my phone has a crappy camera. Enjoy the weekend! Xo. i love hearing from you, Nicole!

  16. These pictures are stunning, and lucky you to have the best from both cities. I see you’re going to France in May? Any close to Luxembourg??

    • I’m hoping to go to France in may. Fingers crossed. No itinerary yet. I’m open to suggestions! Good point about best of both worlds. I feel like I’m leaving a piece of my heart everywhere i go. Thanks for your comment. Xo!

  17. Fantastic, all of it! I love Mexican cooking too (the real cooking) and could eat it everyday.

    What are you working on there? It seems such a fantastic opportunity but also a difficult separation from your “life”. You capture the conundrum beautifully.

    My love of lentils, avocado and Mexican spice will lure me into the kitchen to make this tonight.

    • Thanks for your insightful comment Stacy. It is a wonderful situation and an amazing dish. I’m working on a case with a mechanical faction involved. Privacy laws won’t allow certain documents to leave Mexico. Kind of cool. So great to see you here. I wish you many wonderful Mexican meals!

  18. Well then, I definitely will make your salad! Loved this – all of it. Beautiful photographs. Am so enchanted with your life hurtling between NYC and Mexico City. So exciting.
    In my earlier life I went back and forth between Canada and Australia and I remember always feeling my heart was in the other place no matter where I was. But I must confess – my heart is now here – with my beautiful, lovely, talented daughters. xo

    • That’s so nice to hear, lindy. There is something important about keeping your heart intact even though it’s just add important to share it. I think that’s the biggest struggle for balance in life. . Finding a place for your best to feel full and undivided. Thank you so much as always for your support. Xo enjoy the salad!

  19. Wow, I can’t wait til I have more time to read through the links on this post and really read through it slowly. In the meantime, I love pozole too and the simple Mexican dishes best. Somehow Mexican food shouldn’t be fussy and plated all minimalistic and “pretty.” Tinga is awesome, just had tinga tacos for the first time at two places here in LA this year. My favorite is pastor for tacos and meats in general, although nothing beats straight up carnitas. That photo about 3 or 4 down of the enormous building that may be but probably is not a church, is stunning. All the photos are so colorful, what a feast! Glad you had a great time.

    • Thanks so much, Sue. I’m actually here again now. More work. I owe you an email but i think you should use your Mexican cookbook! Tinga is so goos and i love tacos al pastor. I agree about fussy. Give me home cooked. Xo. thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  20. I never really liked lentils but combined with avocado, they actually sound quite good. Sounds like you’re having an amazing time in Mexico city! I’ve always wanted to go to Mexico, although granted, I’m thinking more along the lines of Tulum… keep on enjoying and posting!

    • Thanks so much, Chaya. Dressed up like these are you might like them. I went to tulum on vacation in December not knowing that I’d be sucked into the Mexico city piece of my case. But i like it.

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