1. Comfort food for the weary traveler. Lots going on for you these days I also like to bake doughnuts for my grandchildren. Yours look delicious and I bet they would love them.
    It is even cold down here on the Gulf Coast – winter for all of us right now. Chocolate sounds like a good thing to keep on hand.

    • Thanks, jovina. Like last time I’m really missing your posts. If i get steady Internet and time I’ll binge on your blog. I’ll take your advice about comfort food. What an awesome gma you are. I love these little baked doughnuts! They’re not hard to make either. Wow a chilly Gulf Coast. Hard to imagine. Xo

  2. That’s a great new take on doughnuts! I envy your access to real Mexican food and culture – it’s no wonder you are adding chocolate to doughnuts 😉

  3. Lovely post, Amanda! You write with a beautiful voice…
    These donuts look spectacular and sound absolutely delicious!
    Ant larvae, huh??…you can have my share. 😉 I prefer donuts!

    • Haha. Thanks, Nancy. I really appreciate your kind comment. The doughnuts were a hit. The larvae were doused in butter and earthy. It’s a delicacy here but I’m sticking to more seafood and tacos 😉

  4. Lovely, lovely recipe. I keep seeing recipes for baked donuts popping up – I’m curious as to how the texture of the donut differs – is it similar to the fried version? I’ve been wanting to try making donuts for a while now, whether baked or fried. I’ve spent most of my life not understanding the appeal of donuts. I’ve finally become hooked, but I think that may be qualified by a certain snobbery. Always loved gulab jamun though, I wonder if you’re a fan too?

    • Thank you, Karinna. You’re always so thoughtful. I love gulab jamun. They’re one of my favorite sweets. This is my first attempt at doughnuts. I bought the pan that day. The main difference is dryness. While these aren’t dry, they really can’t compete with something that’s been even lightly fried in oil. I definitely need to try frying and see how it’s different, but that is why the glaze is key. It adds moisture. We sound experiment together. Doughnuts and ice cream were my last holdouts. I had gorgonzola ice cream here the other day. It was strong but good. Xo

  5. Lan | morestomach

    oh the donuts! this is the third donut post i’ve read recently and i really do need to take out my pan!

    i’m so envious that you’re in warmer temps and the marrow eating! swoon.

    • Hilarious re the doughnut phase. I guess i was inspired too. This is a first for me and worth it. I’ll have to find more recipes and experiment. It is lovely to have done warmth and not battle with the elements. Stay warm!

  6. Bone marrow?
    Oh you really are living the life Amanda!
    These donuts are soooooo tempting and I’m not even a sugar person!
    Congratulations to you sister and your nana…it’s a pretty big moment for all of you 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Dana. You are so sweet. I feel the same way about sugar but these were fun and perfect finger food for the party. It dies seem like living the life but is also exhausting. Live it up while you’re young i guess. Great food! I feel like a “gordita” the way i eat.

  7. Hi Amanda loved what you started writing about…Mexico, food discoveries, adaptations to a different way of life. Could you please put up some pics? Would love to Mexico through your eyes. Cheers Anna.

      • I really do. Love getting an insiders view. It’s the small things that so many guides miss. I have a policy of never wasting time in queues. I would have missed so much of Rome if I’d waited in that ridiculously long line to see the Vatican museum.
        Would never have discovered the cooked fruit bat if I’d gone on the scheduled tour in Port Vila!
        Can’t wait to see YOUR Mexico, cheers.

  8. Amanda, these are so gorgeous!! I’m so happy that you made them, like you said you might! They look delicious, and I’m loving your photography as well! It’s so nice how people have different interpretations of something- like how you made these mini and with more raspberry. Such a great adaptation. I hope they were tasty!

    • Thanks, Chaya! They were wonderful! I so appreciate your recipe. They were easy to make and really went fast at the party. I can’t wait to try more of your baking! xoxo

    • It’s been an adventurous culinary time. Tonight I had the best dinner i’ve had in years. Such good food down here! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment 🙂

  9. Glad you’re able to drink in (or at least eat) a bit of Mexico amidst all the work. And clearly you’re making good use of your down time at home. Beautiful!

    • Thanks, Michelle. I hope things are calming down a bit for you at work. It’s so interesting here and tonight I had hands down the best meal i’ve had in a long long time. Soooo good! I’m burning the candle at both ends here with work and play, but it’s only for short bursts. The doughnuts were kind of cathartic in the down time. I do miss home though, but I’m still making the most of this. I can’t wait to use my new pasta machine 🙂 !

  10. Mexico, I believe, has some strange, other-worldly, mind-altering qualities so that you emerge from every visit there a slightly different person – your perceptions and tastes shifted and awakened. Sometimes almost imperceptibly. But there it is in your plan to make these again using a little bit of heat from chilis. Chocolate, raspberry, coffee, chili – such a sublime combination.

    • I totally agree, lindy. Are you back? I’m falling for d.f. it’s a magical city. Last night i had the best meal I’ve had in forever. The chef uses folklore to create flavor. It’s unreal. I hope you got caught in the spell too. Xo

  11. wow–you’ve been noshing on some interesting foods! these donuts look truly amazing. Very cool about your niece. Love how affected you are. New life is so amazing. And God bless your sister–being a mom to an infant has to be one of the hardest things a woman ever has to do. Though traveling from one country to another, back and forth back and forth can’t be easy either. Sounds like you’re making the best of it. Carry on and thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks, karen. Me too. They were the last thing i did before running off to Mexico for work. It’s almost as romantic as it sounds 😉 escaping the nyc winter though. .. made me completely understand how you are so over new England winter. Enjoy your escape. You’ve earned it.

  12. You’ve been eating what? Congratulations to your sister and to your family 🙂
    Raspberries and chocolate is one of my favourite sweet combinations ever, how delicious!
    By the way, am contemplating even more now switching to a self hosted site, may need to chat to you! 😉 xx

  13. Aren’t they perfect for Valentine’s Day? The combination of raspberries and chocolate is a match made in haeven and the colors and contrast are so vibrant!

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