1. I’ve eaten this before and it’s definitely the kind of heat that I like in the winter. …and of course the kitchen is the best place to stay warm! I bet your bibimbap is absolutely delicious. I wish I was going to Mexico this week 😉

    • Thanks, Md. Always so nice to hear from you. This is a great dish! It’s in my top 10. I’m in Mexico city now. I’ve been working like a mad dog but what a beautiful city and culture. And i missed the last storm. The weather had been beautiful every day. 🙂

  2. I’ve never had Bibimbap before, but I’ve heard a lot about it. It looks delicious, I would love this mixture of flavors and textures, and spice. I like that white bowl you have been using (I noticed it already in the previous post, it is the same, right? Love it!!!)

    • It’s so good darya! Thanks for noticing! I got a few new dishes for the holidays. They’re from crate and barrel. I’ll bring you some when i visit!

    • Thanks! That’s so cool. I’d like to see what she does differently. You should make this and surprise your wife. Orrrr for an easier recipe do the hoddeok from my last post. I bet you eat so well at your mother in laws place!

  3. Lan | morestomach

    this is one of my fave korean dishes, other than jiggae. at restaurants i adore getting to the crusty rice at the bottom, it reminds me of my gpa who loved the stuff. when we make this at home, i use quinoa and we have this for days. making the various components of the dish, whatever is in season, and then assembling them real quick makes for such a wonderful and nutritious meal. it’s kinda sorta like a salad. did you just use the paste straight from the tub? i’ve made a sauce adapted from this recipe, but minus the corn syrup and ground meat (to make it vegetarian), and i’ve subbed in apple instead of asian pear (and once i used radishes instead). it lasts forever in the fridge and is a great condiment to slather on plain rice.

    • Oh how perfect. I think this week be my new salad. Quinoa is a wonderful adaptation! I wanted to make the paste but i didn’t want the corn syrup or meat! I’m totally doing this. Thank you!

  4. What an interesting, colorful dish! Have a safe trip and enjoy some warm sunshine also for all of us who think that this weather is horrid … to say the least!

  5. Oh, how I love bibimbap. I keep meaning to buy a stone bowl to make the crunchy kind. But I fear I’d stop cooking everything else! Hope you have a lovely time in Mexico City, in between all the work.

    • Thank you so much Michelle! Oh how i want one too 🙂 i was happy for the 2 days notice for the trip. You know how it goes. Loving this city and the food. And so happy to see it though.

  6. Well done! I live in Korea and 비빔밥 is my all time favourite Korean dish. I made it for my family last year adapting Maangchi’s recipe as well. They enjoyed it but thought it really spicy and I barely used any paste! My favourite is the dolsot one (the stoneware). I want to make it again before I leave and I know I’ll make it once I am home in Ireland again.

    • Oh how cool, maggie! What a cool thing to live in Korea for a bit. I only added a little paste too and left the rest on the table yo accommodate preferences. I love the spice and find it mild. My husband is me sensitive to it. How great is her recipe?! I’m thinking of making big amounts of it instead is salads 😉 what i wouldn’t do for a stone bowl. … thanks for your comment. Go get some soondubu!

  7. love this dish with all of my heart! Always a restaurant order, but you keep showing me that most anything can be made DIY 🙂 Enjoy your change of scenery and looking forward to reading you when you return. And once again, woo hoo on the drop-dead gorgeous photos.

    • Yay! Thanks Liz. I love that you love this dish. I sense we have similar tastes. Thank you for the well wishes in Mexico. Looking forward to a change of pace, though i like my routine. I’ve learned that so many things can be diy if you have a great recipe, the right ingredients and the will. Some things will always be better out though. Love hearing from you always. Xo

    • Thank you so much! I’m constantly trying to evolve the photos as i evolve the dishes. You know how it goes, Sue. You’re site looks great lately. Xo

  8. Oh man, I lived off of vegetable bibimbap and paper-thin scallion pancakes when I lived in Gwangju. The first thing I cooked up when coming back to South Africa was bibimbap for my family and friends. This has reminded me to try my hand at it again! I still have a pot of gochujang languishing in the bottom of the fridge :/ I miss Korean food so much! I’m also definitely going to try my hand at your hotteok. In Gwangju I tasted similar pancakes, some stuffed with a sweet chestnut paste and others with sweet sweet sweet corn cream.

    • Ohh that sounds wonderful with the chestnuts. What a con thing to have lived in gwangju. Korean food is really so unique. I don’t think gochujang ever goes bad. …i bet you make a great bibimbap. Thanks so much for the comment!

  9. Of course, Bibimbap would be perfect for our Korean weekend cooking & Kimchi making! Definitely worth the wait! But… I just had a big bowlful in a restaurant. We’ll wait and then make yours to go with the Kimchi and pancakes. Have fun in Mexico and I second a visit to Frida Kahlo’s house & studio. Kudos for the ant-eating. Nicole

    • I’m so excited about your kimchi making Korean weekend. I kind of wish I were there. I love bibimbap. You should take pics of this event! I’m finally back in NYC. It was a Sun-Thurs thing, but now it looks like I may have to go back for another brief visit. I did hit up one museum and some churches. Next time I’ll try to get to the painting. I did see a rare Diego Rivera painting. Interesting and fun I guess. Enjoy your Korean feast!!! I’m coming next time! xoxo

  10. Very nice!
    And hey, at least you’re going somewhere warm 🙂
    Also sidenote, wordpress has been doing something really wonky, where the people I use to follow are suddenly not being followed.
    I’m figuring this all out now so pardon my absence

    • Thank you! Not at all. i’ve been having some wordpress problems myself since I went from .com to .org. So annoying. As long as we find each other again! xo

  11. Happy ‘to foind’ you once again! <3 Have missed lots of yummy dishes..
    I've heard about this Korean dish, but never it it; seems you nailed it perfect, Amanda!

    • Yay! Thank you. The switch hasn’t been smooth but I’m still here and loving the new site. I’m obsessed with korean these days! Such a good meal! Xo

  12. Flavour palette, I love how you call it. I hadnt eer thought about it, but sometimes I get flavour palettes stuck in my head too, and I want to make things like that all the time. I love your photos here with the magazine 🙂 Have a lovely week Amanda

  13. Am loving your Korean kick which is an education for me. I know nothing beyond bulgogi and kimchi. Have never even been in a Korean restaurant. Still wanting to make those smart little stuffed pancakes- they’re on my chalkboard menu.
    A work trip to Mexico City! I hope you find some fabulous food. I’m leaving tomorrow for Mexico myself. Looking forward to the bite of the sun… xo

    • Yay!!! you finally made it to mexico! If you’re in Mex city, I think I have to go back! Enjoy and enjoy! Thank you as always for your lovely thoughtful comments. I love your chalkboard menu 🙂

  14. What a taste experience! No wonder your Korean colleague was impressed.

    I’m sorry not to have visited recently. I seemed to stop getting email updates from the blog, but I think I’ve subscribed so hopefully I won’t miss any more of your lovely posts, Amanda! Enjoy your trip to Mexico City 🙂

    • Thanks, Trixie! I think the same thing happened to a lot of people. If you didn’t realize that I switched platforms, you miss the updates. Thanks so much. This is some good food, but I’m obsessing about your desserts still! Hope you’re doing well!

  15. When it comes to Korean food I think I know about zero. Having looked at the ingredients I will next time I am out see if I can find them. This is certainly a recipe I would love to recreate. Lovely pictures.

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