• Thank you! Yes they’re easy to make, but require just a little patience. You can vary the filing. Any nut will do or red beam paste, matcha, you name it. I just stuck with tradition. I’m obsessed. Thanks for your comment as always!

  1. Lan | morestomach

    gawd if i worked near Ktown i don’t know what i would do! i would just eat out all the time!

    i’m not a huge fan of asian desserts, in that regard i’m more western. would this work savory, filling with meats instead, and making it more like a handpie/pastie?

    • Yes! You could probably fill it with meat or veggies for sure and it would taste good. This is the traditional street method but these lend themselves to adaptation very well. I love ktown. I’m in a little bit of a ktown streak. Hello bubble tea just as a break from work 😉

    • Lan and Amanda, to really belatedly jump in on this conversation… they do also sell savory hotteok as street food in Seoul!

      The savory kind I’ve seen most often is stuffed with japchae noodles/veggies, sealed up, and then deep fried rather than pan fried (but it’s still called “hotteok”; and I’m sure you could pan fry it instead if you wanted). I keep meaning to make that kind myself, but have only made a sweet version so far.

      (Also, I’m with Lan — if I worked near Ktown… now let me go spend all day daydreaming about what that would be like…) 🙂

  2. you got me there, my son and I are such pancake lovers for breakfast! I´ll definitely try these, they sound amazing. CAn Imagine they sweetened your walks around the blocks on these cold, harsh winter days you must go through there in NYC (as I learned in the news)!

  3. These cakes look so interesting and fun to eat. I will definitely have to try them. I am not that familiar with Korean foods and what I do know of them, I would never suspect sweet pancakes. Your photos are very helpful.

    • Thanks, Jovina. I really didn’t either until I discovered Korea town and it helps that my office-mate of 9 years is Korean and has been very willing to share. He usually accompanies me on these trips to the grocery store and will help fill up my grocery basket. The sad part is I usually don’t have leftovers to bring! These are really delicious though.

  4. Oldsharkbait

    You know I would never intrude on this site. It is a wonderful post and recipe, as they all are.
    I agree with morestomach and would love you to bring some over filled with lean chopped turkey,scallions and various vegetables of your liking.

    I leave you all the love I have… Except some for Sodom Aerin

    • Thanks, Dad. So nice to see you here. I hope you and mom are having fun with the baby. Thanks for commenting instead of it usual text. You’d like these pancakes. I’ll make them for you! Kiss Sofia for me! xo

  5. Yum Amanda these sound delicious. Stayed near Korea Town on my trip to NYC and had my first Korean meal. Korean food is only just taking off in Australia and I haven’t seen anything like these pancakes on menus yet. Will give them a try.
    Hearing reports of very bad weather on the east coast, hope you are safe and warm.

    • Thanks, Anna! I think the storm was overblown. It really was just a heavy storm, but nothing like the “Worst blizzard ever!” Boston got it worse, but even that wasn’t the worst we’ve seen. All is okay here. Korean food isn’t hugely popular outside of LA and NY, but it’s distinct from its Asian counterparts and really good. One of my faves. I’m planning on posting another more popular dish soon since I’m obsessing.

  6. Amanda! Did you get a new website?! So amazing! And these pancakes look so amazing! I literally just made brown sugar pancakes for breakfast on the snow day. My fave <3

    • I did get a new site! Well, I designed it myself and I’m self-hosting. I wanted more creative control. I’ve had it for about a month. I’m really loving it. And these pancakes…sooo good. I have no doubt that your sugar pancakes were amazing. The yeast makes the difference. So so good! Thanks as always for your comments. I love hearing from you.

  7. Nice to be so close to so many fun and exotic ethnic foods! Love that you’re bringing it home. The pancakes don’t look all that complicated to make. But hoo boy, they look divine to eat 🙂

    • Thanks, Liz. I love hearing from you. They’re not hard at all. They just take a little me patience than regular pancakes and they are so worth it. Hope you’re staying warm out west 😉

    • Thanks, Francesca. Yes, they eat these as street food. I’m obsessing about all foods Korean these days. It just warms me up. This is one hell of a pancake. Stay warm!

  8. Oh, how I love Korean food. I haven’t had those, though. Must remedy that! (Had to laugh about the snow or lack thereof. For some reason, we’ve been stuck in NY several times during what turned out to be similar non-events. However, we were there, and stuck for many extra days, during Snowmageddon, so now we know that sometimes it’s for real!)

    • Ha! I know right. Nice to see you, Nicole. These are some amazing snacks. If you spend any time in a Korean neighborhood you’re bound to see them. Sooo good. Have a great weekend! Xo

      • Good morning, Amanda, have a great weekend, too. I am printing as we ‘speak’, we’ll have some a Korean weekend soon (planning a little Kimchi production here) and those pancakes are certainly going to be consumed on the day. Nicole xx

        • Oh how cool. Wait till next week. I’ve got one more Korean recipe coming up! It’s a little more involved, but easy. Work is sending me to Mexico tomorrow so I’m trying to pull together my post now so when I’m working like a dog (as usual, but in another country this time) I don’t have to miss my first love, the blog.

          • OK, I’ll definitely wait and am happy to say, that I found a Korean market here, so special ingredients shouldn’t be such a problem. Have fun in Mexico! You know, I am envious, have a Margharita in balmy weather on me. N xx

  9. Wow, Amanda, this looks amazing. You are the second friend-blogger to share a recipe for hotteok this week, and I had already bookmarked my friend’s recipe, but now I am also bookmarking yours, which is a bit different. I’ll definitely be trying this some day, it looks absolutely delicious!

    • Thank you, Darya! That’s so funny that someone else made it too! I was inspired to keep going with Korean food for this week too. These were really so good. Xo

  10. How carefully and beautifully you’ve described the recipe and the method step by step! You are one hell of a passionate and dedicated blogger-cook 🙂 Your nut-filling just killing me! I must try this pancake ASAP 🙂

    • Thank you so much, nusrat. What a kind comment. It really is true. I love doing this. It feeds me to learn and i love sharing that. I can’t see anyone not liking this pancake. They’re so good! Xo

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