1. Wow, Amanda, the pudding looks and sounds so decadent. I love the use of spices, and salted caramel too. I find it funny that you Americans use the expression “pot de crème” which doesn’t exist in French!
    How wonderful that a tiny change in your schedule allowed you to meet your former neighbor, and how lovely of her to invite you over. Living in a large city, people tend to not talk to new people and don’t allow themselves to make random acquaintances, so it is nice to see that it still can happen!

    • Amanda

      Thank you, Darya. That is a funny little linguistic thing. I saw you talking about that with Ken a few months ago! This pudding is fab because of the spices! I’m really excited to hang out with my former neighbor. She actually said if I wanted to help her cater an event she could always use help. That might actually be fun. I’d even be part of the wait staff 🙂 I hope you’re doing well!

  2. Lan | morestomach

    what a great story! how random that you came home, ran into her and now you have plans to meet up. i am such a fan of chocolate pudding, though my recipe calls for just two ingredients, i like yours for it’s use of egg yolk which adds an even creamier depth. and then of course, the addition of heat takes it to a new level. i dig that.

    • Amanda

      Thanks so much, Lan! Really good stuff this week. The yolks really add to this. I love pudding too. I had a thought of making this a filling in a cake. That would be outrageous. I’ll have to fill you in on how Sunday goes with my new friend 🙂

  3. Beautiful recipe and one my husband would drool over. I am not a fan ot dark chocolate or sweet things but he is a huge fan. I may have to make this for him.
    Love the story about the cookbooks.

    • Amanda

      Thanks so much, Jovina! I love dark chocolate, but not so much sweet things. This is more rich than sweet. I wish I could send you a batch of it. The caramel almonds add an extra wonderfulness. I hope you’re doing well!

  4. Amanda, what can I say, this is such an enticing pudding, dark, mysterious, intense and grown up. I always regret not having been to Mexico when just a drive south was all it took. Salted caramel almonds make it simply irresistible! + How great that you got to talk to the mystery cook, serendipitous indeed my friend. Big hug, Nicole.

    • Amanda

      Thanks, Nicole! Always great to hear from you. So jealous of a short drive to Mexico. I have such an affinity for the place. Work is threatening to send me there for a few months, which would be cool, but months??? I am excited to cook and drink with my neighbor! So crazy how things work out sometimes. Hope you’re doing well! xo

      • Well, now it is about half way round the world but when in CA, it would have been – I had a whole round trip planned in my head: Mexico City, then via Oaxaca, Tabasco to Yucatan, eating our way from Mayan site to Aztek site to the greatest taco places on Earth and then really bad weather struck as well as the realization that driving thousands of miles around Mexico might take a little longer then imagined… But hey, a few months in Mexico, super cool! They go by so quickly and when ever do you get another chance like that? I am well, starting a nasty cold, I think which my husband caught on the plane to/from Japan – not happy & now slightly greenish with food & cultural envy of someone who might be going to Mexico. Do you know where? xo to you, too.

  5. Ha, nice you get to share some food time with the neighbour who so intrigued you for a while – I’d love find out whether you confessed she’s became a bit-part celebrity on your blog world 😉

    That dessert sounds divine. ‘Pudding’ doesn’t exist over here in the way it does in the US – what does the texture end up like? Ganache-y? Or softer?

    • Amanda

      Interesting, Karinna! It’s like a mousse…softer than a ganache, maybe a little less rich. It’s so interesting the way food develops around the world. As for my new friend, I did tell her that I wrote about her and directed her to one of the posts. I’m sure she thinks I’m crazy, but still invited me over nonetheless. I really think if she still lived in the building I would never have spoken to her…it’s too close. One block away I can do. It’s a very New York thing to happen! Thanks as always for your thoughtful comment.

  6. Man! Your are a great storyteller!!
    I can practically taste this Amanda!
    The richness of it all, defined even more by your awesome pictures really makes this item speak to me.
    Well done woman!

  7. Wow, how brilliant to meet your mystery chef properly – I hope it’s the start of beautiful friendship.
    I love the día de los muertos action going on in the background (the icon on my hard drive is one of those Mexican skulls). I think that’s the kind of pudding I’d really enjoy. I could get addicted to salted almonds on their own 😉

    • Amanda

      So great to hear from you, MD. Really? That’s your icon? I’m obsessed with the symbols. I came home from Mexico with skulls. LOL. This is a fab pudding. If you were here, I’d certainly share. I’ll let you know how it goes over the weekend! Crazy right?!

      • Yes, really – a few years ago I found a set of Dia de los Muertos icons with 3 painted skulls! I hope your mystery chef meeting goes well – I wish I had one in my building 🙂

  8. You make me want to book a flight to Mexico immediately (as long as there are no brown dog sacrifices involved). The pudding looks delicious. And I love the New Yorker-esque saga of you and the former neighbor. Can’t wait to read the next installment!

    • Amanda

      Thanks so much, Michelle. You’re too kind. I’m really digging your latest recipes. What I wouldn’t do for a rabbit. I’ll keep you updated about my neighbor!

  9. Great stuff! (And I’m glad, for the moment, it’s sitting in your kitchen and not mine – I have enough killer temptations in my life.) I like your final photo the best. Ken

  10. I’m so excited you met cookbook lady!!!!! That is just so meant to be. And you actually sat down to share food and drink. The universe is good 🙂 And so is your pudding. Egads. 😀

    • Amanda

      Ha! Thank you, Liz! I’m excited about it too. Such a funny thing! I have a feeling we will totally geek it about all things food!

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