• Amanda

      Thanks, Jovina. I had no idea how good they could be. They’re not even in the same category as “pizza’. In fact, from now on I’m using quotes around “pizza” 🙂

  1. It definitely works now, though I think the problem before was that the links changed when you moved the site. The darker text is much easier to read 😉
    That’s my kind of pizza with 2 bulbs of garlic. I love roasted garlic squeezed onto sour dough toast. I normally stick my dough ingredients in my 50 year old mixer with dough hook, but no knead is intriguing.
    I saw a film last night that reminded me slightly of you finding cookery books in your hallway and wondering where they came from – it’s Indian, called The Lunchbox – it did quite well at the box office in America, according to Wikipedia:

    • Amanda

      Always great to hear from you, MD. I agree. The links changed. I learned how to change them all back and how to code the font size/color and html and how to fix plugins and all sorts of crazy stuff. Apparently, I no longer speak English, just computer and it’s annoying to all around me! I’ve become obsessed.

      Lindy from Love in the Kitchen actually recommended that movie to me too! So funny. I have it in my Netflix now waiting for me. And you know how I love garlic….I don’t actually own a mixer (no space) and no knead is so easy. I’d love for you to try it and tell me which you like better. I have no idea why I never wanted to make pizza before, but I”m so glad I did this. My husband called me today at work just to tell me how he can’t stop thinking about that awesome pizza from last night. We were both shocked. 🙂

      • Wow that’s a big coincidence with the film!
        Home made pizza is much better than most shop pizza.
        I’d really like to build a pizza oven one day as a home oven can’t get hot enough to make the perfect crisp base. Jeffrey Steingarten tried shutting off the thermostat in attempt to get his oven up to the required 500º C, with unpleasant results…

      • Congrats on your new home! I’m intrigued by the lack of knead. Might just have to try that out sometime. And, I saw that film when it was released over here. Understatedly lovely. Also led to some serious curry cravings!

        • Amanda

          Oh nice, Karinna. So great to see you here! I was skeptical about no knead for a while. I really thought it was some slight of hand, but it’s honest ingredients where the science does all the work and it is hands down delicious. I’ll definitely have to get to watching that movie! Xo

    • Amanda

      The same to you, Ngan. I’ve been wondering about you and just read your last post. Sending you tons of good vibes and so happy to see you back, even if just popping in to read around.

  2. Dear Amanda, I love the new site! I am impressed that you did it all by yourself, and taught yourself all kinds of things. The pizza looks incredibly delicious. I’ve never made no-knead dough, the texture looks quite perfect, I should try making it some day, when I manage to plan my meals a little more ahead of time.
    I’ve made root vegetable pizza before, but never with caramelized onions or roasted garlic! I would love it. Pierre didn’t like my root vegetable pizza when I made it, but then he doesn’t like beets, sunchokes, and would rather not eat pumpkin if he can avoid it… oh well, it’s one of those things I’ll make when he is away. 🙂

    • Amanda

      Thanks, Darya! It’s been a fun challenge. I’d never made pizza before but I read a million recipes and picked the best of all of them. Any vegetarian dish is a dish i make when Alex is away. I even had to add the turkey sausage here. Also, line you i don’t normally plan my meals in advance, but i actually thought enough to start a dough. For that I’m proud. Can’t wait to see more of what you’re making these days!

  3. Lan | morestomach

    pizza night at our place is always the best night. and we go super lazy with it, topping it with actual leftovers — sometimes it’s the kale salad, or it’s a few tablespoons of pesto and we top with an egg. but that extra step you do to caramelize onions is so crucial!

    • Amanda

      Oh man, that sounds amazing. It’s funny, all of the toppings I made were actually for a salad. I just dumped the salad on the pizza. I love the idea of just pesto and an egg! I had the egg all set to go, but got excited and forgot it! Love your comments. I get a real picture of what it’s like to be eating and cooking at your place!

  4. The site looks fabulous, as does the pizza! Pizza night here, too. Actually, I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that we’ve had several pizza nights this week. Steve’s dough makes enough for 3 pizzas. So, when he makes it, we freeze two balls for future use. But, when I know it’s in there, it’s just such an easy, delicious thing that I can’t resist telling him to get one out!

    • Amanda

      Thanks Michelle! I wouldn’t be embarrassed about pizza night every night at all! Every night it’s a different pizza. It’s not even the same thing! I’d brag about it, especially if my husband were making the awesome dough. You guys make a great culinary team!

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much! I really think the class you took has changed the way you view things. That’s so cool. I really appreciate hearing from you!

  5. Wow, Amanda, I am in awe, awestruck – what a great new site! Congratulations and wow, again from the tech-ignorant here. My husband gave me a book about self-programming a site “to get me started”, I scared the xyz out of me and took me several years to try again. Lovely, what film are you talking about, can’t find the name? Nicole xx

    • Amanda

      Thanks so much, Nicole. Don’t read the book. It will scare you. I learned out of necessity because I’m impulsive. I”m still learning. Lovely Fae from Fae’s Twist & Tango emailed me last night saying she couldn’t leave a comment. That’s so upsetting. But this really wasn’t too bad after cowering in fear for years 🙂 Thank you so much for the compliments. The movie is called The Lunchbox. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s been recommended by a bunch of people who love what we love. We’ll have to read it. I’m so glad to have you visiting here on the new site! Try this pizza too. So so good.

      • Ah, thanks, the film sounds really nice and of course the pizza will get a try next time we’re making pizza (and counting on my husband returning from eating Japanese for a week, that will be in the very near future)! You are right, that book is really scary. I had tried Rapid Weaver first – no wonder, I gave up exhausted. I think it is really good to try and run a blog for a while, so you know what you want and how it works. Gosh, I have the hosting thing for over 5 years now, maybe this is the year to finally use it…

  6. Wow Amanda – I LOVE your new site. Would you consider doing a post on what is involved? I desperately want to change mine but for the past year – time has been such a pressing issue that I haven’t managed to get around to doing anything. It’s on my agenda for 2015 but would so value your expertise.
    The pizza looks perfect – fantastic combination of ingredients. I’m incredibly partial to kale. I wonder how that would be with some smoked salmon added. Oh – I’m hungry at the thought.
    Beautiful work! All of it.

    • Amanda

      Thank you Lindy! I would certainly consider a post on what was involved and also want to hear from anyone who might be having problems with it. It really depends on how obsessive you are over details. A lot of the information just requires a little digging.

      As for the pizza, soooo good. I would add anything that I love on this thing!

  7. Amanda I’m so curious how it’s like to manage everything on your own?? I’m thinking of it too- have some ideas about changing my little baby blog a little bit 😀 your pizza is a perfection- even Lahey wouldn’t do it better than this!! I’m making bread almost every day now- oh there is nothing more beautiful that the smell of water and flour mixed together don’t you think 😉 have a lovely week xx

    • Amanda

      Hi Marta! I totally agree with you about the bread. i’m curious to see your new methods. As for the blog management, it’s really not terribly hard. If you can follow directions it’s not too bad, especially if you stick to a wordpress platform. We’ll see. This is my first post here. So far it’s been pretty good. I’ll keep reporting back from the other side. The pizza is a must make. You would love this.

      • Keep me posted as I really would like to change a few things. By the way the new loaf just started living its life in my tiny bathroom- it’s growing and I’m waiting patiently until tomorrow morning

  8. First off, congrats on the big move!! Your new site looks beautiful and I am excited to see where it goes from here. Second of all, I need (or knead haha) this pizza in my life! It sounds delicious and I’ll definitely give it a try.

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much! I’m excited about the new digs too! Lol re kneading the pizza. You def do. Sooo worth it. Love reading all of your latest too. There’s always a special place in my heart for bk. 😉

  9. Congratulations on the move 🙂 You could have no design and your blog would still be stellar, but definitely like what you’ve don here. And the pizza, too! Craving a slice 🙂

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much. You are too kind and seriously make my day with your comments. I feel the same about you. Def try the pizza. The kiddos will love.

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