1. Happy New Year, Amanda! I hope you are well, and rested, and had a nice holiday. These little cakes are super cute, I’ve never made a layer cake with frosting in my entire life, but the idea of using vinegar and baking soda is intriguing… I use the same mixture to clean my appartment, and always enjoy the whole fizzy reaction, but never thought you could actually use it for food! 😀 I hope you are well, and I wish you all the best in the new year, and hope to see many more of your wonderful recipes and stories in the future!

    • Happy new year darya! I really enjoyed my time off! I hope you did too. I’d never made a layer cake before either. This was a great way to start. That’s so cool that you clean your apartment with this mixture. When i worked at the fish store i used to clean the cars with this and newspaper. All the best to you in the new year. Cant wait to see what you’re cooking and to stop by and visit you in the spring! Xo

  2. Can you write a book? I just love your reflections on life. Just as importantly, though, how did you make such a tall cake? It is so wonderful to look at and I’m sure even better to eat!

    • Thank you, sue! I hope to write one one day. The cake is just 3 little ramekins stacked. It’s a bit of a leaning tower, but it’s my leaning tower and tasted good. I have all year to make a masterpiece 😉 thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  3. A beautifully written post and a beautiful little cake. Love that you scaled the recipe down and I have a real love for retro recipes and this depression era cake is just wonderful, I have a thing for cakes made with vegetable oil rather than butter. I love the texture and how moist they are. Beautiful on all counts.

    • Thank you so much. This cake is a winner. I like oil cakes too. So far my favorite had been the olive oil cake, but this is a great easy standard. Thanks always for your thoughtful comments.

  4. cake and snow flurries and that beautiful linen towel! love it all. nice to see that you’re venturing into the baking world 🙂 how’s it treating you thus far?

    • Thanks, Chaya! It’s a learning curve, but practice makes perfect. This cake was pretty good and the buttercream was fab. I really can’t wait to try new filings and types of cake. Happy new year!

    • Thanks so much. It’s always nice to read your kind and encouraging comments. Next time I’ll use 4 ramekins instead of 3 to make it a little shorter and less Dr. Seuss-y. 🙂 I even went out and got little cake stands to encourage my cake baking. Happy New Year to you! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store. You always keep it interesting.

  5. Oh, I love your Dr. Seuss cake! I actually bought some small cake pans ages ago, but never got around to figuring out the ratio for them. Now, there’s a resolution this resolution-hater can live with. Happy new year, Amanda!

    • Thanks, Michelle! I agree with you re: resolutions. I’ll try to work out the ratios for lots of cakes this year. I’m looking forward to the challenge. Thanks so much as usual. Best to you this new year. xo

  6. Happy New Year to you, Amanda 🙂 Your resolution is the best I’ve heard yet–making as many mini cakes in as many flavors as you can. How much fun is that? It looks amazing and decadent, though I see where you’re going with the “simple,” too. Magic from the mundane–I like it! You definitely have a way with words.

    • Thank you so much, Liz. Your comments are always so thoughtful. I really am looking forward to making a bunch of cakes. I have to figure out a formula and then apply it to reducing what would normally be a 9 inch round to about 3 inches. I wonder if dividing by 3 would work. Can’t wait to share.

  7. Happy New Year Amanda- I can see the weather is not great in NYC 🙂 This cake looks so decadent and tempting! I like the fact that it’s a mini one- I probably would have two of those 😉

    • Thanks so much. Luckily, it’s a mini so if you ate the whole thing it wouldn’t do a ton of damage. And yes, the snow was actually happening…just like it is today!

  8. Happy New Year Amanda! I loved writing with you last year, so here’s for more this here. What a cute cake! I love recipes that were created during wartimes, they are usually so creative. xxx

  9. Interesting post Amanda – I just made a Victoria Sandwich (cake) from Mrs. Beeton’s 1861 book – and agree about scalability of recipes being so useful. Mrs. Beeton calls for the weight of four eggs in flour, sugar, butter for her cake. SO easy to scale. Love your adorable Leaning Tower of chocolate cake. And your resolution to experiment with mini cakes. xo

  10. Mmh, gorgeous and this looks just like the beginning of a year of great cakes. Happy New Year to you, too. Same weather in New York as in Frankfurt. What is there to do than drink tea and eat cake. N xx

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