1. These look really good, Amanda! And so, so easy! I am not much of a sweet tooth, and these sound very sweet, but I bet they’d give me the energy I am lacking these days to finish my PhD! I actually have never used condensed milk before.

    • They are easy, Darya. Sweetened condensed milk is really big in Latin America. I almost didn’t post these, but a friend asked for a simple recipe like this. You can tone down the sweetness by adding more cocoa powder or make it more like a truffle by adding chocolate pieces. Easy and versatile. Just what you need these days. Thanks so much. Good luck! Keep going!

  2. I’ll be first in line when you do quit that day job and start making candy professionally 🙂 These look tasty and I remember hearing of them before, but not sure where. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, my husband would absolutely love these. At first glance I thought they were truffles, but then after reading further, I realized they are much better. Looks fairly easy also. will definitely be making these. Which topping is your favorite?

  4. Thanks, Jovina! They’re so easy. They masquerade as truffles, but they’re more of a chocolate caramel. Very popular in Latin America. I think my fave may be coconut. That surprised me, but it worked so well together! I hope you do make them 🙂

  5. Oh wow – sign me up for a place in the queue in your shop! I am definitely going to try making these and I even have some of those wrappers left over from Christmas goodies so I can be “totes profesh” too 😉

  6. Excellent! GREAT story. So even I, the non-dab hand at dessert could make these. One question: do you wait until they’re chilled before rolling them around in the other stuff, or do it before you refrigerate them? Ken

  7. Yes! Start a little chocolate shop! Please! You could do hundreds of different flavoured brigadeiros and maybe the occasional campaign to back you favourite presidential candidate – I’m sure with YOUR brigadeiros behind them they would win 😉
    I am (however) slightly worried by the suggestion that we might not be able to resist eating the mix before it has even been shaped and rolled – with suggestions such as this how am I ever going to resist??? I need a recipe to say “Never, by any means, eat the mix before it is fully formed” otherwise I really do end up a quivering heap of sugar on the floor and with nothing more to show for my works than a chocolate smeared face. There’s a picture for you.
    I love a brigadeiro (human or confectionery 😉 ). Yum!

    • Omg you are hilarious! I agree about the warning! I’m usually ill before I eat any of my baked goods because I’ve already indulged in the batter. I’m sure you’ve experienced the same the way you bake! I too love brigadeiros both chocolate and human. I can’t believe you’re encouraging this shop of mine. You should say “no don’t. Use your judgment and reason” 🙂

  8. I remember brigadeiros from my days in Brasil. When I was on my twenties I was lucky enough to spend some time in South America. I have never thought they were so easy to make though. A must try for sure! Yours look simply awesome!

    • Oh how cool! I have spent a lot of time in Latin America. My husband is colombian, but I’ve never been to Brazil. I do know that sweetened condensed milk is a staple in most households though so the recipe seemed natural to me. Do you speak Portuguese? I’ve been on a major jobim kick lately and come back to him like every 5 years. Thanks so much.

      • No, I don’t. Do you? I used to speak a decent Spanish but I stopped practicing it when my daddy left his job in Argentina. Languages are wonderful but if you don’t practice them you simply cannot speak. You start forgetting the vocabularies and the grammar and, eventually, your fluency. I can still understand it a little bit (being Italian helps … a lot!) but to have an entire conversation? I don’t think so!
        What language do you speak with your husband?

        • I don’t speak Portuguese either, though I’m trying to learn. I do speak Spanish because I studied it and I do a lot of my work in Spanish, but we speak English at home because he was born here so it’s more natural, unless we’re gossiping. Then it’s Spanish. Cool that you lived in Argentina. But you’re very right about using it or losing it. I hate that. Italian is very beautiful.

  9. Yummm! These look amazing Amanda. I love quick and easy treats that look impressive… so great to whip up as ‘truffles’ (sort of) when friends come over! Love the history you’ve included in this post too. It’s so interesting to find out how different foods got their names 🙂

  10. Oh! I was looking for an easy to make sweet treat for the holiday (clearly very last minute now), and this will be perfect for it! They are so pretty in their foil and with all the different toppings. And challah! YAY, can’t wait to see it!

  11. I did quit my day job Amanda. Still reeling from that decision! But no regrets – apparently we only live once!
    I love these brigadeiros. They were popular in Australia when I lived there but I never knew where the name came from and so appreciate the story.
    I’ve been off sweets (what?! – yes seriously and I have no idea why but when i quit eating wheat – I also lost almost all cravings) but these would be so good in the holiday baking collection. I have a dairy-free daughter and we make homemade sweetened condensed milk from coconut milk powder which might work perfectly for a batch of holiday brigadeiros.
    Gorgeous photographs – the wood surface is amazing. A table?

    • Wow. I didn’t know you were wheat free and that your daughter is dairy free. Have I got some good blogs for you! It must be so liberating and scary to quit your day job. I have yet to go to Australia. The wood surface is a fake table. I don’t have much room here so I built a surface that goes on the floor and work on my hands and knees. It’s pretty amazing.

  12. I love that wood surface – how smart. I baked some cookies tonight – and I realized my baking sheet is looking very similar to yours (that beautiful well-loved, well used look) and so as I was baking away in my kitchen – I was thinking of you in your kitchen!

    • Aw that’s so cool. Kitchen love. I want cookies! Feel free to use the pan idea. I visited my patents this week and came home with a mandolin. I may have to start making pretty veggies.

  13. Oh Amanda these are fantastic! I must make these. Timing is perfect because I have major chocolate cravings right now. 🙂 Actually looks like a lot of fun to make these. (I’m terribly busy and (obviously) behind on visiting and posting, but, your blog is the first I come to when I have a moment to breathe!) I love your photographs in this post. Especially the spoons overflowing with “sprinkles”. Sad to see the big chip in your plate, however, glad to see you are keeping it and still using it! I love chipped dishes….

    • I love your comments. You are so sweet. You mind of made my night. What a good eye that you noticed the chip. Purely my butter fingers at work. I think it adds character! I feel so busy too like I have a million spinning plates. It must be the holidays and all the visiting I’ve been doing. Good stuff coming up though. I hope you’re doing well!

  14. I believe that I have all of the ingredients in my cabinet. But since I’m at work, and cannot check, I’ll be heading to the store to buy some sweetened condensed milk, and pistachios…because that is what is stuck in my head at the moment….and probably will be for the rest of the day until I make these beauties… Awesome little dessert… wonderful post….and always, gorgeous photos! <3

    • Thank you again for this comment. Pistachios and chocolate are a deadly combo. These are so quick they’re worth making. If you do, I hope you enjoy very much! xo

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