1. Beautiful post and recipe Amanda. Thanks for the photos of Vermont, they are so dreamy and beautiful. I actually made buttermilk and cornmeal pancakes for the first time last week (I served them with plum compote, cherry season is long gone here), so I can imagine how light and delicious these waffles must be. I just LOVE your addition of fresh sweet corn here! The season is finally upon us here in Northern France, and I went wild at the market and bought way too much (especially since everybody I know around me hates it). So I am on the lookout for all the inspiration I can find and this sounds quite delicious!

    • Thanks, Darya. I am impressed that you actually bought so much corn. I’m so glad that you made these too! It reminded me of eating corn muffins as a kid. Plum compote is also so perfect as a topping. I hope you enjoy all the wonderful corn!

    • Gracias, Sofia. I was wondering what to do with all of the beautiful corn I see everywhere and it just popped into my head. It’s kind of a Southern classic. Very delicious. 🙂

  2. This is a truly wonderful piece of writing and peak at your visit to the farm. You and I are always on similar wave lengths; perhaps it is to do with our birthdays being days from one another? I was just in Minnesota for a family reunion and spent time on my cousin’s farm in Hagar City. They too had corn for miles and as far as the eyes could see. I am crafting a post about it soon, I think. I am making those waffles, I know – thanks!

    • Thanks Stacey! Happy Birthday! There is just something so special about summer and corn. I appreciate your comment. It’s not always easy to put these thoughts into words. I can only imagine how beautiful Minnesota must be this time of year. I hope you do make the waffles and certainly would love to see your pics! xo

  3. I really like the look of these waffles, Amanda. I am not usually a fan of waffles but adding cornmeal is very appealing to me and I would probably like these. Adding cherry sauce sounds even better.

    • Thanks, Jovina. They taste like a corn muffin. If I were in the habit, I’d smear butter all over them. It’s funny, these were trial and error. I didn’t have enough flour for anything else so I thought I’d use cornmeal and I had no milk, but did have buttermilk. They were born of necessity.

  4. Beautiful sentiment Amanda. Matched by the beautiful photography and delicious cherry sauce with waffles. Anything with cherries gets my vote. I have a cherry cobbler to post over the next couple of weeks. Great flavour.

    • Thank you, Connor. You gave me the idea for cherry sauce. I had so much extra and I thought of you. Oh man is live a cherry cobbler right now. How lovely. Thx again.

  5. Wow, is it my imagination or have your photography skills amped up? What a collection of gorgeous shots, and I love the one with matching fingernail polish and the shot of juicy syrup. Obviously the waffles sound delicious too!

    • Thanks so much, sue. Your blog is gorgeous these days too. You did what I’ve been avoiding. You’ll have to tell me how it goes. Cherries just make a lovely subject. They’re like a supermodel. 🙂 hope you’re well.

  6. I can’t quit admiring your photographs in this post. They are so beautiful. Sounds like Vermont is a gorgeous place to visit and you really covered all the wonderful moments I dream about in taking a trip “to the country”. I have never heard of adding corn kernels to waffles. Your lovely bi-colored corn looks perfectly ripe and ready, so fresh and unblemished. I am very inspired to make this for my guys this weekend. And yes, I’ll use my heart shape waffle iron. 🙂 This is a masterpiece post, for sure.

    • Thanks so much, Seana. I hadn’t heard of adding kernels either, but my favorite corn bread has kernels in it. And this corn is so fresh you can actually eat it raw (I asked). Love the heart shaped waffle iron. Your comments are always so thoughtful. Thank you.

  7. That reminds me of Brittany, where I had waffles from a little waffle truck at the end of the harbour when I was 14. I think I’ve had them twice and that was it …and definitely not beautiful yellow corn ones! That’s something to look forward to 😉

    • Aw. Love the memory. They have waffle trucks here in nyc and I never get them. I just had a temptation with the corn. It reminded me of corn muffins and butter that I had as a kid in this restaurant called “the pioneer”. I think it’s still there today.

  8. looks so amazing, Amanda. Love what the corn must do to the flavor and texture. Also love your point about city girl and country life. That’s always the dichotomy in my marriage–I’m city mouse and my husband the country one. Not a lot of middle ground, but at least we can learn from each other. So glad you’re able to enjoy both 🙂

    • I love that you can relate to that. I’m the product of city folk who raised us in the country so I never fit in 100 percent in either environment. I think I need both. Ive managed to get my husband to see the same. He loved these waffles. They’re his new favorite breakfast. Thanks as always!

  9. This combination of flavors sounds so yummy and summery. I’d definitely love to try this, especially the cherry syrup! And that corn looks so beautiful, with its yellow and white kernels. Love this post!

    • Thank you, Chaya. You always seem to relate to the things I spend a lot of time thinking about. Maybe it’s because we met during a special time of year. The cool part about the cherry syrup is that hit can use it on sweet or savory dishes.

  10. Great post, lovely evocative photos, both of the countryside and the initial shot of the toppled mortar and pestle. You grew up in upstate New York??!! My dad is from Ticonderoga. We used to visit on holidays and in the summer–a long drive from Michigan! But beautiful. I went back a few years ago. Kind of depressing to see what’s happened to the town, despite a natural park makeover of the the area where the paper mill once stood. Ken

    • Thanks, Ken. Yes, upstate NY is where I spent the first 22 years of my life. My parents are still there (Orange County, NY). My brother is in Albany and we go to Lake George pretty often. Upstate has a bit of a depressing feel overall because industry kind of came and went. Lots of abandoned places. But the natural beauty is unparalleled. And there’s tons of corn. You can really see upstate how the French and British battled it out for control of all of the territories. It makes history real.

  11. Beautiful post Amanda. Your photographs of Vermont are gorgeous. I spent a month there the autumn before last at the Vermont Studio Centre – a place I think you’d love. Also love these waffles. I’ve made cornmeal pancakes but never waffles and certainly not with corn kernels as well. Going to try these since I have everything but the cherries on hand. As always – thank you for the beautiful inspiration. xo

    • Thanks so much. It must be jaw dropping in the fall with all of the foliage. I always appreciate your comments. I hope you love the waffles! I wish I knew you were there. I totally would have dropped by. Eventually 😉 have a great weekend. Xo

  12. We love Vermont! Before the birth of her majesty and when we lived in the City, we used to go skiing there. I have to say we never went during the summer. It looks stunning! I see you find a wonderful way to use those mouthwatering cherries. That syrup screams deliciousness! 🙂

    • Aw that’s so cool. Well maybe when her majesty gets older you can resume the fun ski trips. It really is a beautiful place. I’d like to go back in the winter one day! Yes, I finally used the cherries up! So delicious 🙂 Thanks as always!

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