1. Wow, Amanda. This looks so delicious. Blueberries sound so American to me, they aren’t very easy to come by here (and when they are they are horribly expensive), so this cake is something I would only make on a very, very special occasion. And I probably would eat it all by myself in a corner, not sharing with anyone (just kidding). Love the light in your beautiful pictures! Hope you are having a great vacation!

    • That’s so funny. I didn’t know that about blueberries. There are blueberry farms everywhere around here and wild bushes too. I ate much of this secretly while alone 😉 thank you, Darya!

      • Well, I might be wrong, but I think that the blueberries that grow here are different from American ones. We have wild blueberries, but only in Eastern France, and there are very strict rules on how much you are allowed to pick. Those wild blueberries aren’t sold anywhere.
        Then there are the farmed blueberries, though I have NEVER seen any on the markets, where they mostly sell Spanish blueberries, or at the best fruit from the South. The prices can be as high as 3-4 euros (4-5$) for 125 gr (4 oz). And they usually taste like nothing and are probably sprayed with pesticides. And then you can always get frozen (usually from the other end of the planet, and also expensive). So yes, good blueberries are very special to me… as I hardly ever get my hands on them. 🙂

  2. Brown butter? Blueberries? Rosemary? You got me! All of my favorite things in one cake that looks epically delicious! Keep up with the beautiful photography and inspiring posts (I’m thinking of making your cherry clafoutis today!).

    • Thanks so much, Chaya. These are my favorite things too. The rosemary really throws it over the edge. I just love summer so much, I’m trying to celebrate the season. Good luck with all of your wonderful baking. I could take a lesson from you! xox

  3. Amanda (as usual) I love your writing and how it gets me thinking too. As for your cake, it looks wonderful. I’ve been loving blueberries and they are so hard to find in Spain. The last few months in Barcelona I did find some and I’m dreading that in autumn the fruit shops will say to me again: not in season, we don’t have these – even if I’m standing next to a mango, which is never in season in Spain, lol. I’m still in France and for the last few days I’ve been dreaming of new cakes I can bake with blueberries. When I get back to Bcn and if blueberries are around, this cake seems like a lovely candidate to make xx

    • Gracias, Sofia! Yes, I”m just finding out that blueberries are not easy to find in Europe. That’s so funny to me. They’re everywhere here. I’m so glad you’re still enjoying lovely France. I’m in mini-france right now, Quebec 🙂 I’m enjoying all the lovely things I wish I could in the South of France 🙂 I can’t wait to see all of your wonderful cooking, but I”m glad you’re on a break and enjoying yourself. You deserve it. Un beso.

  4. Luckily blueberries are one thing we do have here. This looks like a super recipe for them – I do get a little tired of the old stand-bys and usually just eat blueberries with maple sugar or syrup. Thanks for sharing it, and your beautiful pictures.

  5. This cake looks stunning. I have never thought about using rosemary in a cake recipe, but now I will definitely try it. I have vegetable boxes in my garden with a big bush of rosemary in one of them. Thank you for giving me another idea for how to use this herb. Emma.

    • Great, Emma. You should definitely add it to cakes, scones, salads. I just love rosemary. I’m so jealous of your veggie boxes and herbs! Enjoy them. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Amanda, Darling, what have we got here? Wow! It is a gorgeous cake, a very delectable one. Thank you for the video of how to make a brown butter. So the key is to keep stirring. Did you use hazelnuts or not? I’m not into rosemary. How crucial is rosemary in the recipe? I think the aroma/flavor of the brown butter, blueberry and maybe hazelnut meal would make this a keeper! 🙂

    • The rosemary is an added bonus for me, but not crucial at all. No hazelnuts either, it just has that flavor or scent when you brown the butter. I have a feeling you would master this easily and then take it to another level. This is a great cake to serve with coffee or tea. You’d rock this cake.

  7. Hi Amanda, very nice. I had seen this cake on Beth’s blog too and was wondering if blackberries would do. We picked so many blackberries I’m trying to find ways to use them! They might be a little too fat and juicy for this recipe though…. Again, nicely done! Looks delicious.

    • Hey there! Yes I think you could totally do it. I love blackberries. It would taste like a blackberry muffin. I think it would be different but wonderful. Do it! Xo

  8. Ooooh. I’m making this cake for sure. This was created with me in mind! 🙂 You know how much I adore cakes made with both fresh fruit and herbs. I absolutely love this photo shoot Amanda. The lighting, the color’s and the blueberries scattered beneath the rack are all so wonderfully captured. I’m going to head over and watch the brown butter video. I tried once to brown butter and I could use a tutorial. Your silver tray is gorgeous!

    • Thanks, Seana! The dish was my grandma’s. It’s like you and I were on the same page this week with summer fruit desserts. It’s a rare day when I get to shoot in natural light so I couldn’t stop!

  9. Hello Amanda! If you were in Quebec – you were so close. We could have visited! Maybe next time.
    I love blueberry cake at this time of year – made with fresh blueberries. Makes me all nostalgic for the days of my childhood when we gathered baskets of wild blueberries and didn’t have a care in the world.
    Luscious gorgeous photographs. As always. Sometime i want to spend a weekend with you following your camera with my camera. What an incredible treat that would be. xo

    • Aw! I had no idea you were so close. I would love to visit. I loved Quebec City so much. I had possibly the best meal ive ever eaten there and went to a beautiful market in Montreal. Thank you so much re the photos. I think we may have to get together sometime soon. 🙂

  10. I’ve got lots of blueberries that grow around our apple orchard. This cake with blueberries I have in my freezer and rosemary from my garden, sounds like the perfect end of summer cake for me.

    • Wow, Karen. That is perfect. How many trees do you have in your orchard? That’s amazing. It must be so beautiful there. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be making this fall!

        • OMG I just went back to your page and searched for ‘apples”. I had no idea! Wow. I knew you had a lovely, huge and amazing garden, but wow. Where are you? I’m so coming to your orchard. That was always my dream…to live on an orchard. I grew up in upstate ny near tons of them, but it’s so special. Wow.

  11. Hey Amanda, I am coming over to your place for some of this yummy cake, too. Mmmh..
    Bueberries, hard to find in Europe? That seems strange, maybe just a freak occurence. We have small native wild ones and big American type blueberries are omnipresent in every supermarket (regardless of season). N.

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