1. That looks delicious – like me, you are slaving over a hot stove in summer! Somehow I can’t help myself. For a change I’m barbecuing tonight – it’s the hottest day of the year so far 😉

    • Thanks, MD. I was in gym clothes as I made it. It was like a workout! BBQ sounds great. I’m going downtown to watch the Colombia game at a beer garden and letting my friend cook! 🙂 I’ll try to stay out of the kitchen. Enjoy!

  2. It sounds like you have the right type of friends – olive grove indeed.

    Those pics are absolutely cracking! This food looks great… Even if your talk of summer annoys me just a little. Smiley face

    • LOL! Thank you. I totally agree. I was thinking of you and all of your compatriots when I sent the summer wishes. However, I don’t feel too bad. You guys don’t get snow. Your winters are like a cold summer day here. By the way, this morning I made pancakes out of the tapioca flour with a little bit of regular flour mixed in. They had the same elasticity as the pan de bono. Not sure you want that in a pancake. But i eat anything.

  3. My French Heaven

    Oh how I love green lentils! And ginger, don’t get me started on fresh ginger… Great post and very nice shots too! You are so talented!

  4. Fig & Quince

    Ah Amanda! What an inspiring post to welcome the summer. Wistful sigh in this corner as well! Gorgeous writing and such an appetizing dish (love love lentils) and I hope to make it and hope to similarly “feel a shift in” and “melt a wall” and experience a “flash of electricity” … and a lovely “loosening of the reigns.”

    Happy 4th of July!

    • Oh Azita! So great to have you back. I’m sure it’s a total culture shift to try to adjust to being home, but at least it’s summer now and you can take your bike to the water and hit up the markets. Thanks so much for the compliment. The summer always lifts my spirits. I spend so much time in my head and being analytical, as I suspect you do and so to be in the moment and undivided for a bit is just such a joy. I’m sure you’ll get there too. I hope you enjoyed the fireworks!

    • Thanks, Fae. Yes, it really does have a lot of protein. Our friends are vegetarians so they rely on meals like this for protein. So good.

  5. Very nice dishes, Amanda. I Love the fresh salad (how lucky to have a friend who actually can call olive oil “her own”!). I love mung beans, but hardly ever use them for some reason. Have you ever tried sprouting them? It is so much fun, and freshly sprounted mung beans are so much better than store-bought ones, and only take a few days until they are ready.
    And I’ll definitely remember to bring you a large bag of Puy lentils on the day I fly over (if ever such a day comes…). Puy lentils are my favorite kind of lentils, so much flavor, such a nice texture. This sounds like a delicious stew.

    • Thanks, Darya. So nice to hear from you. What a great gift that would be, the puy lentils. This was my first time making them and they are so much better than the regular ones. It’s funny because in Peru, puy means guinea pig. If you order puy, you are certainly not getting lentils. I haven’t tried sprouting them, but I saw they they were a little bit sprouted. I can imagine they’d taste delicious. Would I just leave them in water for a couple of days? What do you normally do with the greens? I’m totally buying more. As for an olive grove, at least you have half the dream…living in France. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your summer. Will you get any time off?

    • Thanks for such a lovely comment, Cornelia. It’s great that you love to eat this way. It’s really food from the earth the way nature intended it. I was so excited about these wonderful gifts I could barely contain myself. Thanks so much for reading and leaving such a sweet comment.

    • Wow that looks amazing. Thanks for the link. I will try that. It looks so good with the lime and chilis! My kind of eating. Such a cute memory. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello Amanda. What I wouldn’t give for both your salad and your stew right now. I love how you used lavender and borage in your salad. I will have to give it a try. Wonderful dressing too! Such a fabulous dinner…and nice to hear the summer is bringing out the best in you. 🙂 I relate.

    • So great to hear from you. I’m glad the summer is treating you well too. I honestly didn’t know what a borage flower was until my friend showed me. They even had fig trees in their yard. I told my husband I was going to go home and have a crisis. I’m so grateful to be in the city and this small apartment around so much culture, but then I see a garden like that and space and a house and start to thinking. I’m kind of like that with everything. I hope you are having some fun this summer and relaxing a bit.

  7. I love how hearty and healthy this meal is, Amanda. What a treat it must have been for you to not only receive such lovely gifts (yes, I would like an olive grove, too), but to spend time with friends who let you look over their shoulders in their kitchen. I don’t get to cook with friends often enough, and this reminded me I need to change that. I’m glad to hear you are rejoicing in summer! xx

    • Thanks so much, Ngan. I was glad to hear you are too. This winter was so long and harsh it feels good to have this joy back. It’s rare for me to cook with friends too so that day was a very special treat that we’ll have to do again. This dish was something I would not have done but for that experience. Enjoy your weekend!

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