1. yum yum yum! Great flavors and especially fun photo with the spoons. Always fun to find new eggplant recipes. Perfect star for a curry! Will be making this for sure.

  2. This looks so delicious, Amanda! To me, eggplant is something I always use for Mediterranean recipes, Italian or Middle-Eastern. I’ve never made a curry using eggplant, but this sounds quite delicious, I should keep it in mind for when I buy eggplant (I have all the spices in my cupboard). I hope you are enjoying the nice weather!

    • Thanks, Darya. I made it because I had everything in my cupboard too. I love middle eastern eggplant dishes. When I have time I would love to tackle one. The tomatoes here make it work. I hope you’re doing well too!: xox

  3. Love your images, especially the one straight after the ingredients list. You’ve got me craving my own food, via your photography skills! Thanks for the kudos… So glad you made this and found it worth posting. I feel like we have some kind of virtual culinary bond, I just know I’d get a lot of fun out of raiding your fridge. We would have an excellent cook-off!

    • Oh I totally agree. I really do love your dishes. We would cook well together. Thanks for the compliments. This was definititely a keeper. I can’t wait to try some of your other stuff.

    • Thanks, Xio so great to hear from you. I used to feel that way about eggplant. It has a very different consistency and a distinct flavor. I think cooking it with lots of other spices helps.

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