1. See, this is why I should get a waffle iron one day… I say one day, when hopefully I’ll have a bigger kitchen to put it in! Homemade waffles with homemade strawberry rub barb jam yes, what a wonderful way to spend your weekends. xx

  2. Wonderful breakfast, Amanda. I would love to have a waffle-maker so I could treat myself to something similar some day, but it will have to wait until I have a bigger place with lots of storage space. I guess not having a waffle-maker explains why I am more of an egg-eater for breakfasts.
    I like the idea of using bananas right in the batter, and strawberry-rhubarb jam is delicious, so quick, simple, and seasonal. I could just spoon it over yoghurt for breakfast and be happy. I hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend, after your crazy week at work!

    • Thanks, Darya. When my brother have me the waffle iron as a gift I thought “uh oh, where will I put it? ” I have to go digging for it, but it’s worth it. I’m going to visit him this weekend. The jam really was easy. Yogurt is a brilliant idea. I’m actually a huge fan of eggs like you, but I figured I’d try my hands at a treat. Next week is looking less hectic. I just got pulled in by another department at my firm so im doing corporate and litigation work. I will find a balance. Enjoy the weekend. It’s a holiday here so I have Monday off.

  3. I can remember the first time I had waffles – on a pier in Brittany when I was 14. I bet your strawberry and rhubarb jam is good 😉

    • Wow that’s amazing. I grew up with them, but the frozen version and then the pre made batter version. I didn’t know you could make them from scratch. So good. Thanks, MD.

  4. dreamy stuff! And yes, I can see the appeal of big photos 😉 Love how you came up with the syrup recipe because you were out of maple. Not just anyone can pull those flavors together, based on a memory of DIY plum sauce. And knowing your waffles are perfect because they weren’t perfect–right on 🙂

    • I love your comments, Liz. I do like big photos 🙂 these were the most delicious imperfect waffles and improvised jam. Thank you. So glad you get it.

  5. Wow, I love the sight of these waffles and that dreamy jam… I’ve never made them, but now I’m feeling the urge to run and get my own brand new waffle iron; I don’t think I can live without it one more day… 😉
    Great photos, Amanda, I just love them! I hope you enjoy your trip to Miami 😀

  6. I love banana waffles and anything with berries. What a great dish; the perfect sleeping-in, pajama-filled, lazy Saturday morning treat. These remind me of everything that is relaxing, decadent and scrumptious about a perfect weekend, Amanda.

    • Thanks, Allison. People keep saying that but when it’s a gift you find a place. I had no idea how great rhubarb is. I’m a late comer to its charms.

  7. Love how you put the banana in the batter, I’ll have to try that. We love waffles and for awhile there I had two waffle irons! Unbelievable I know. They were both gifts and one fell apart so I’m down to the one that make heart shaped waffles. 🙂 Your strawberry rhubarb jam sounds deliciously tangy and perfect for waffles. Beautiful photographs, especially love the photographs in front of your window. Glad you booked your trip to Miami…

    • Thanks so much. I’m glad about miami too. Waffle irons are usually gifts. Lol re heart shaped waffles. Enjoy them. Try the jam one day!

  8. You’ve beaten me to it. I made rhubarb jam last week for the first time. And still don’t have decent photos to go with a post. There’s time for that. But, in the meantime I’ve been waiting impatiently for strawberries! As I want to make more rhubarb jam with those as well. Is Spring on its way yet?! I ask as this weekend feels like we’ve just left Winter! Strawberries are late this year. Just arriving last week. And they’re not brilliantly tasty as yet. Hah, I’ve waited this long so I’ll wait a little longer – hoping rhubarb is still available. Isn’t it so nice taking the time to make something as simple as jam?

    • I completely agree with you Johnny. I can’t wait to see your strawberry rhubarb jam. Sprng has been shy this year, but im finally starting to believe it’s really here. And I plan to celebrate! Im sure you’ll do wonderful things with those strawberries.

  9. I would love to try this type of jam, I never really grew up with rhubarb but when I first tried it here in NZ on muffins and even on yoghurt I really liked it

    • Thanks for dropping by. I’m new to it too. I only recently discovered how great rhubarb is! I’m trying to find new uses for it. I love your blog.

  10. I’m going straight downstairs after commenting here – to put my waffle iron out on the counter where it will remind me to make these waffles. Had to smile about your waffles sticking to the top (mine ALWAYS do that) and your being sure of a metaphor hiding in that. Love the strawberry rhubarb jam. Love rhubarb any way I get it!

    • Thanks for your sweet comment! I hope you do enjoy some waffles. They’re not an everyday thing, though they should be. I really only just discovered rhubarb and I’m so glad I did.

  11. Oh Amanda, these are beautiful! You’ve seriously made me want to rush right out to buy a waffle iron, I’ve never made one in my life but I do like eating them! Love the banana inclusion. Beautiful photos, love the diffused, soft light through the window… you talented thing, you! xx

    • Thank you, Laura. You are so kind. I so rarely get to use natural light so when I’m around and cooking on the weekends I run to the window. A waffle iron is kind of one of those twice a year treats. But it is fun when I pull it out. So nice to hear from you. Xo

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