1. Yum! I love anything pickled. I was just telling a few friends of ours that I pickled some of the broccoli stalks left from my Veggie Scraps Pizza. Oh, so good! I’ll bet radishes are even better with them being spicy.

    • Ohh yum! Pickled broccoli. I could see that being yummy. You’ll have to post some recipes as to what to put pickled everything on. Spicy pickled radishes…yes. Spicy anything is a little bit better.

  2. Color me intrigued! I’m with you on wanting to like radishes, but not being there yet. Maybe pickling is the way to go? If you like, I bet I would, too. Sorry about being aught in the rain. I can never find an umbrella when I need it and even when I can, it has Hello Kitty or some such little girl character. Your grandma sounds lovely 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Liz! I”m glad we’re on the same wavelength re: Radishes. You might actually like these. While they may never be my favorite, I definitely have been craving them. Thanks about the rain. I always get so mad at myself for not checking. Grandma is the best 🙂

      • Totally agree. I actually love it when I see grown men in suits with Dora the Explorer umbrellas and backpacks. It means you’re just reached a phase where you’re like…whatever….

  3. Aren’t pickled radishes the best? Whatever you do, don’t give friends a jar. I made that mistake and now they’re all tossing hints about radish “season” and whether I’ll be pickling more this “season”. 🙂
    Our recipes are very similar and I love the photography in this post.

    • That’s hilarious! I was thinking what a beautiful gift these would make. It’s so funny because my grandma just made me homemade peanut butter and she said the same thing. She gave it to one friend and now all the ladies want it. So funny. Thanks for the compliment re the photos. I’m really glad you use a similar recipe because these really are just fabz.

  4. My French Heaven

    I love radishes. They truly mean spring is here as you said it. Your photos are lovely !

    • People in France do seem to have embraced the radishes the way I’ve been trying to. This recipe really helped. Thanks so much for the compliment 🙂

  5. Gorgeous recipe Amanda. I love radishes, especially on toast with soft cheese and also can’t believe I’ve never pickled them before. I see you are getting converted to pickling and preserving! That’s wonderful, it’s a whole new kind of cooking. I just ordered a book on lacto-fermentation (it is actually book about the history of fermentation, but also contains a few recipes), I can’t wait to learn more about the process.
    Your radishes look absolutely perfect. That pink is just gorgeous. I have some radishes in the fridge, and I might just make a small batch of these to put in tomorrow’s sandwiches with my own tarragon-flavored labneh (using Ottolenghi’s suggestion of goat+cow’s milk yoghurt); I am spending 5 hours on a train to get from Lille to Nîmes where I am speaking at a conference, so I will definitely need something to eat at some point, and there is NO WAY I am going to the train cafeteria (it is gross).
    Thank you for the inspiration, and beautiful stories and photos as usual!

    • I’m so glad you’re going to make these, Darya! You gave me encouragement that I wouldn’t kill myself with botulism. The book should be really interesting. I would like to know a little more about the history and why I associate pickling with old ladies. That labneh recipe is another I’ve been meaning to try. The radishes with the labneh is an amazing flavor combo, sour and sweet. Good luck in Nimes! I wish I could attend your conference!

      • So I did make them, and I did use them in my sandwiches, and they were great: added a nice taste and texture. Now I am back from Nîmes, I’ve still got most of the jar left: there will be tartines on the menu.

        • That’s so great, Darya! Welcome back. I hope it all went well. Take your time with the email. I thought of you yesterday as I went to my favorite French cafe. I made another batch of these too. I now can’t get enough of them. Two bunches in two weeks after a lifetime of avoidance!

  6. Great idea. Never saw them pickled before. I remember you said, you were not a fan of radishes when I wrote about them. I am sure we would like this recipe. Can’t wait to try it.

  7. I love fresh radishes, but I don’t think I’ve ever had them pickled. How is that possible? Your recipe is a good excuse to start 🙂

  8. Great stuff–the recipe and the photos. The first time I encountered radished on dark bread with butter I thought, “You gotta be kidding me.” Then I tried it. Really really great. Ken

    • Thanks so much, Ken. I guess we had similar reactions. But really, this has opened up a whole new world for me. These radishes were almost as beautiful subjects as the lemons that I went crazy over!

      • I just got back from two days at a photo workshop working with off-camera speedlights and studio strobes, photographing models. Are you on FB? Friend me (Ken Rivard – the one with the olive trees in the background) and I’ll show you.


        • Oh how cool! I’m not on FB, though my site is, so I can’t see people’s pages unless they’re fully public. I have a studio strobe and have no idea if it’s worth it to use in the kitchen. I’ll shoot you an email though.

    • Thanks, David. I think you’ll love it, especially since the New York Food Journal bros pickle shallots for fun and are well-versed in all things pickled.

  9. Interesting post Amanda. I feel the same about radishes – not something I think of – but they are visually beautiful. Great recipe – I’m a huge fan of David Lebovitz. And as always – love your photographs.

  10. I never did like radishes until about 6 months ago, but now I eat them all the time. Most weeks when we get radishes in our CSA box, I just clean and quarter them, sprinkle a little salt on top and eat them like that. I started quick pickling them for Vietnamese sandwiches and other Asian dishes, but I’m excited to try this longer pickling method with peppercorns and chili pepper. Yay, spicy and tangy and crispy. Love it, thank you for sharing!

    • I think I’ll try your salt method. Next bunch I will pickle most and salt 2. They’re so fresh I just need to love them! I love vietnamese sandwiches! Maybe that can be my next creation. I’m bringing your challah recipe to the first fiesta fri challenge if I can pull it off! Thanks as always for your comments!

    • So I got more big beautiful radishes last night and I ate one raw with salt over labneh on a cracker. No go. I just can’t. So I pickled them all. This time I added half a jalapeño without seeds. I hope it’s not to hot.

      • Oh no! I guess raw radishes are not for everyone. I was not joking when I said I never ate radishes before 6 months ago. I feel like I’m making up for lost time, eating about a bunch every week or so. I’m going to try your recipe as soon as I get another bunch.

  11. Radishes have never looked prettier. Lovely photos. I do like radishes, but you have to get them when they’re just the right size/age. And I think the amount of rain while they’re growing can really make a difference. Nothing worse than when they get all soft and hollow.

  12. How have I been missing your posts recently? I loved this one. The photos soothed my weary eyes, and I love, love, LOVE a good pickle. I tend to make quick pickles, never waiting for more than two days, but I like the idea of filling my fridge with these beauties. The ryvita/cream cheese combo is a familiar lunch for me, I tend to top it with capers, olives or chilli jam, but would be nice to mix it up with pickled radish! Shall be making this, cheers for the inspiration…

  13. Love this post Amanda. I love how you have been pickling and really I had no idea it could be this simple to put together a jar of these. We love radishes and I think I’ll pick up a couple of bunches this weekend and try it. Thank you for your constant stream of inspiration! Gorgeous photographs.

    • Thanks so much. I always look forward to your kind comments. You will love these. I made another jar this weekend. So good! You’ll have to tell me what you think!

    • Sigh a heat wave. It’s like 50 here, but at least i’m no longer in a winter coat. These radishes are my new fave thing. Thanks for dropping by.

  14. Oh and I was going to mention on my last comment and got carried away with the thought of your roe…I just put the lid on a cooled down jar of your pickled radishes! I can’t wait to try them. I bought the radishes last weekend and time got away from me and I finally had a moment to put it together! How long should we wait to try them?

    • How cool! You can open them after 24 hours and they’ll be delicious. I’ve been draining the liquid after 2 days so they stay crispy. I’m so excited that you made them. I hope you love them too!

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