• Oh now this is going to be a regular in the rotation, but I’m going to try lavender and honey and all sorts of permutations. Now that I’ve got the basics down. We seriously loved these!

  1. What a poetic and fun post, Amanda, I really love your writing. I have never eaten a scone in my life, but this certainly sounds delicious. And I had no idea you could freeze and then grate butter! Have a lovely weekend, perhaps with some leftover scones (?)

    • Thanks, Darya. I was late to the scone world too. I made these because there is a great place for high tea in my home town and they always feature a different above along with the meal. Two weeks ago I was there and thought.. How hard can this be? And voila..I now know. So good and not dry at all. I hope all is well with you. Xo

  2. Genial! Me encantan los scones y Mr. H. de vez en cuando sugiere que yo podría hacer scones, y nos los he hecho jamas. Ya se donde tengo que mirar cuando voy a hacerlos, sobre todo ahora que se que estos son los mejores del mundo! 🙂 besos

  3. Oh yum. I love scones. I’m not really a scone baker either but I always contemplate starting a weekly tradition… if only so I don’t spend so much at the bakery! Love the idea of the cherry yoghurt and raisins. Yum! I’ll give this recipe a go soon x

    • Thanks, Laura! This is definitely a keeper. I don’t think it will be a tradition, but it will work is way into the mix for sure. They’re quick and easy.

  4. Hi, Amanda. I am going to make your scones this week. I bet you can use any dried fruit and flavor of yogurt; what a versatile recipe. I can totally see myself wearing an apron, grating frozen butter (SUCH a great trick for scones and croissants to create lovely butter pockets in the dough!) and making these. I hope I exercise restraint after they come out of the oven. Thanks so much for sharing with us. The third from the last photo is awesome… a perfect morning for a scone or three. Best, Shanna PS U is for Udon?!

    • Hi Shanna! You’ll love these. I had at least 3 of them on Saturday. You can use whatever fresh or dried fruit and whatever yogurt or even sour cream. Scones are definitely versatile! Thanks for your kind comment. Hmmm Udon….I think I could do that :O) It goes along with my Asian theme these days. Enjoy the week! xox

  5. Hi Amanda, I often spend weekend mornings cooking and baking in my pajamas. Like you, though I find myself not wanting to do very much at all on my precious mornings off, I feel the pull to create something yummy with my hands. (Really, it’s the cleaning that gets to me.) This scone recipe looks delicious and will probably tempt me out of bed this coming weekend, plus my book club may just love me forever for bringing fresh made scones. I’ve never actually made scones, and I’m intrigued about grating frozen butter. Have a great week and stay warm!

    • What a sweet comment, Ngan. That’s exactly how I feel. The cleanup is what keeps me out of the kitchen, but these are quick and easy and your book club would LOVE you. They’re so good. This was my first time too and it was totally worth it. Enjoy your week too!

  6. How could you have found out about my love for scones!??? Yours look absolutely mesmerizing, and with cherries, yogurt and raisins, no more and no less!
    Please, be that kind of girl as often as you feel like it, Amanda!
    BTW, great pics too <3

    • You are too sweet. I love that you love scones too. A well-done scone really can beat out many other pastries! I can be this kind of girl. Nothing bad ever came from too many scones, except a little weight gain, but that’s what the gym is for!

  7. If only I could get my hands on dried cherries! Apparently they are available in an expensive store further along the coast. But the cost of getting there…
    As yet I’ve never tasted the American version of a scone. But I do understand why it must’ve been so wonderful in your kitchen that morning as my scones are so good. I just wish I was that lucid first thing! A strong coffee is about all I can manage. 🙂

  8. I’m delighted to read that you might just be “the sort of person” who makes scones!! I know I am, although I think I err ever to slightly towards the griddle variety. But yours look so delicious, and you can’t have a scone without dried fruit in – those little bites of juicy sweetness are SO mmmmmmmmmm!!
    … Oh dear: I’m here in my dressing gown on my sofa and I’m feeling absolutely up for going and making your scones straight away, but at 5.30am? I’d better not – I might wake the others!
    Resisting temptation. Saving for later 😉

    • You’re hilarious! You’re up so early. I don’t think i’ve ever had the griddle variety of scones. I may just become that kind of person too! I really had no idea how great a fresh scone could be. I’m sure your scones are amazing as you’re such a great baker!

  9. These look wonderful! And grated frozen butter – that’s brilliant. I love Greek yogurt in baked goods too, so I think I need to make these, pronto. I love the description of your morning quiet, baking in pajamas; it’s my kind of weekend morning too!

    • Thanks so much. I so rarely allow myself the luxury of just hanging out, so the whole morning was like a return to myself. And now i know how to make scones! Good ones!

  10. It looks to me that you may just be the kind of person that fills the building the delicious scent of baked breakfast. COming along nicely because the scones look very tasty.

  11. These look wonderful and I love the sentiment behind the post, AND, I too have to look after my girlish figure so seeing a scone recipe that doesn’t add cream to the dough mix makes me happy (that doesn’t mean I’m not slathering these with a good layer of clotted cream in my imagination right now…)

    Sounds odd perhaps, but I like seeing the backdrop of the view from your window…. Don’t ask me why… (I’m not going to come and stalk you, honest…)

    • Thanks for your kind comment. Yeah, I’m all about the yogurt. I use non-fat too and it’s wonderful. I totally get it about the window. It’s a very typical NYC apartment view. My friends outside of NY have told me they like when I post my window view too. I’ll have to throw it in more 🙂 I love clotted cream too. Go ahead and do it since you saved calories with the yogurt.

      • Yeah, I was going to write that it’s the view that I would totally expect to see and then I had to stop myself, I was like, wha….?! Why am I writing this? I’m no expert! Damn films making me feel like I know places! (Ok, I have visited, but still…) Good to know that low fat yog works well in these. I use it in savoury muffins but not many other baked goods…

  12. those are lovely, Amanda 🙂 And I love this line: “an eye for adventure and excitement, particularly involving food and drink.” Would love to think I’m described this way as well! And the fact that you get a smile on your face when you grate frozen butter makes me happy, too. It’s all about the simple pleasures and there is so much of that in the culinary world.

  13. These look just like my favorite “daily” splurge from a bakery called Deux Gros Nez. That was long ago, in a different city and I would give anything to have one now. I am not a scone fan, well , when you picture Starbuck’s scones I’m not. But wait a minute! these are different…these are the deux gros nez scones I’ve been missing for years, I’ll have to make these Amanda.

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