• Liz, I love yours too! I’m so happy to see how each of us approached this task differently. It’s kind of cool to see. I’m going over to your page right now 🙂

    • Querida Sofia, I’ve saved responding to you for next to last. Thank you so much for inviting me to do this with you. You and Shanna were so sweet, supportive and flexible. From reading your blog, I thought I’d really enjoy chatting with you, but your invitation was so flattering and all of our chats in between confirmed what a cool person you are. Gracias por compartir esa experiencia conmigo y por todo el apoyo durante la gripe del estomago de mi esposo. Besitos.

      • Querida Amanda, hey , de nada, nos encanta tu blog asi que es un placer para nosotras! Ah, lo del gripe de estomago creo que nos viene natural ya que el marido de Shanna es medico y yo tengo un “background” de farmacia 😉 Espero que quieres hacer “U” también! Besitos

  1. My French Heaven

    See, I was wondering where my superpowers had gone! Can’t wait to try your recipe and see what they actually are. Maybe telekinesis? 😉 🙂

  2. Gosh, Amanda. The ingredients in this soup won me over, particularly the anchovies, kelp, shiitake mushrooms and pepper flakes. The photos sell the soup: the dish looks delectable. I loved reading about how this soup has been integral in your life as an after-work pick-me-up. I think you are much more of a collaborator than you give yourself credit for. You have been a friend, ally and “cooking companion” to many bloggers. Thank you for sharing your writing, recipe and story with us. Best, Shanna PS I do hope the hubby is completely recovered! This soup will wake up his immune system for sure! It’s got a kick. 🙂

    • Shanna, this is such a sweet comment. You seriously just made my night. You’ve been such a pleasure to work with and you guys were so accomodating with the stomach bug. He’s feeling much better. Thanks so much. He said this was his second fav or fav tied with the beetroot burgers. So I’m glad you guys roped me in 🙂 un abrazo muy fuerte.

      • Egualmente, Amiga; un abrazo muy fuerte. 🙂 I did love that post on beet burgers; the color were gorgeous in the photographs. I see some in my near dinner future. I do wonder what we are going to do for “U”?!

    • Close, Michelle! I’ve heard the ktown in nyc is way more expensive than in L.A. I try to go at least twice a month but lately I’ve been calling on extra superpowers.

  3. susan frieman

    Looks lovely. Too lazy to make it so I will try to find a good restaurant to savor this soup. Beautiful pictures!

    • Thanks, Aunt Sue. So nice to hear from you. I hope you and mom are having a good time in sunny Florida. I’m so jealous of the break and good weather. Xo

  4. Wow, Amanda. This looks amazing. I know almost nothing about Korean food but this soup sounds incredibly satisfying and healthy too. I love the spices in it (though I have never tasted Korean pepper). I am sure it is nice to have Koreatown close by, but making such a special dish at home must be so satisfying!

    • Thanks, Darya. I really didn’t know much about Korean food either, but New York makes it easy. It’s kind of addictive. Apparently this is the best thing I’ve made all year and a lot of Korean ingredients come in bulk so I can make it again and again. I hope you’re doing well and you’re getting through Chapter 3!

  5. Your description had already won me over, but the photos sealed the deal. I need some superpowers this week, and this looks absolutely restorative and invigorating. Thanks for such an inspiring post!

  6. I went for pho last night, but still feel incredibly unsatisfied, which is not usual after my pho visits. Apparently, it did not have the heat to generate superhero powers that I needed to move through a long, hard week. This Korean tofu soup sounds absolutely delicious, and I love how packed it is with mushrooms, seafood, kelp, eggs, and tofu. Lovely photos, too!

    • Aw that is unusual fir pho! Maybe you’re craving the spice and seafood. This was oddly easy to make. It was better on day two because everything got to summer longer, but this is totally a weekday meal.

  7. This sounds absolutely delicious. Korean food is wonderful (plus you get to eat kimchi with it). Funny, I’ve had kimchi soup before, but never this, which sounds like it ought to be equally common. Love the beef and shrimp combo. As usual, great pics. Ken

    • Thanks so much, Ken. I love kimchi and this is very much like the kimchi stew which is my other go to. There’s one more for sick days with beef and rice cakes and noodles and no spice but very hot. They just bring you back to yourself.

  8. Wow Amanda…Korean! This is beautiful. Your adeptness with all types of culinary endeavors is so impressive. What a joy to visit your blog and read your posts. Beautifully written.

    • Your comments always make me so happy and reaffirm why I do this. If I can’t go into the world as far as I want I have to bring the world to me. And what a true joy that is. Thanks for your kind words as always.

  9. Nice! Haemul sundubu is one of my favorite Korean dishes EVER and I’ve tried somewhat unsuccessfully to make it several times, but my version is still far from blog-worthy… the broth is so tricky to nail… (but of course I’ve been trying things like substituting vegetarian dashi rather than just sucking it up and using anchovies). Yours looks so good!

    • Thanks, Allison! I think I saw a similar recipe on your blog a few months back. I love all of your Asian inspired dishes. I think it should still work without the anchovies, maybe if you double up on kelp…that can be pretty seafood tasting. The broth definitely takes some tries. And it tastes different the next day too…and each time you make it depending on measurements.

      • Yep, I posted a recipe for Doenjang Jjigae, but I haven’t posted one for Sundubu Jjigae… yet! (It’s much easier to make a delicious broth with doenjang, since—like miso—the paste contains basically all the flavor you need for the broth.) I think you’re right that it probably just takes some tries. I should get started trying soon so I can post one in time for next winter! 🙂

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