• You’re too kind, Xio. Without your support, this site would not exist. Nor would I have discovered the joy of photography. It’s nice toiling away side by side at the office with a fellow artist.

  1. Who cares that you posted pancakes a few weeks ago? These look amazing, and the pictures are lovely, and so it your writing. I just made pancakes for “chandeleur” (Candlemas???), though the traditional thing would have been to make crêpes (but I don’t have a proper pan for those); I made lemon-poppy-seed-quinoa-flake pancakes and drownded them in a pool of maple syrup. But I really like your idea of whole wheat flour; I’ve recently tried whole wheat cookies and loved the specific taste of the wheat. Will keep the idea in mind for my next pancakes!

    • Wow, Darya, that sounds so good. I should have put lemon in these! I had no idea what Candlemas was, but I read about this crepe tradition on a Spanish blog I read. You definitely should post about these things. I’ve learned so much about religion from French and Latin blogs through food! This recipe was really just a good way to get out what was on my mind. I’ve got some really cool stuff on the way and I still owe you a kale bowl recipe. I’m excited to be excited again about food.

      • I just went and picked up the kale (and other stuff); though I am not 100% pleased with this CSA, so I might just go back to shopping at the market.
        I also love cooking to get stuff (like my PhD) off my mind. I would have liked to post about Candlemas this year, but I am so disorganized… I will have to do it next year instead! And there is still the Russian Blini feast coming up in a few weeks, perhaps I’ll make something for that!

        • Oh you must. I love your Russian recipes. It brings me closer to my own roots without being antiquated. Has your mom ever been to Coney Island in Brooklyn? She would love it. They call it Little Odessa. It’s where my Grandma lives. They should go out on this trip and see Brighton Beach.

          • My parents lived in NY for many years (I never told you I was born there? We moved to France when I was 5), so I am sure she must know Coney Island! I’ll try to get my mom’s blini recipe, but it takes a whole day to make them, so I am not sure I will be sharing that specific recipe on the blog! 🙂 But I have other bilini recipes I want to try out too, and they could be an excuse for telling a story!

            • Every recipe for me is an excuse to tell a story. I’m a story teller by nature, a creative writing major. Ah I dont think i knew you moved at 5. So cool.

  2. Fig & Quince

    A meditative and sensual post, a gorgeous recipe and you even go and quote from one of my all time held-dear books. A pleasure without restraint for me

  3. Amanda, this post just provoked a big ‘sigh’. I love this post, beautifully thought, written, photographed and the pancakes are a perfect accompaniment to your narrative. What a recipe for a perfect post. What a recipe for perfect pancakes. 🙂

    • Aw. Thank you so much. I’ve definitely been feeling all of this more acutely lately, maybe because it’s winter and there are fewer distractions. But cooking helps put the contemplation in perspective. I love your comment. On Feb 6, 2014 8:05 PM, “What's Cooking” wrote:


  4. Oh my gosh. This is an amazing post Amanda! Seriously, you had me re-reading that Sylvia Plath quote three times. Profound stuff. I love the choices we have as humans… they’re both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I wonder how much time I would save if ‘sustenance’ just came in little blank cardboard packages… eliminating the creative process, deliberation of options etc. It takes me 10 minutes to choose between loaves of bread at the market so I could effectively reclaim hours of my life! But then again… how I love choosing. Creating. Experimenting.

    Love this post. Love these chia pancakes. I’ll be trying them this weekend… xx

    • Thanks so much, Laura. It’s amazing how complicated we make things or just how complicated we are as human beings. It shows through our choices. But it’s what keeps things interesting! On Feb 7, 2014 2:35 AM, “What's Cooking” wrote:


  5. It is true that so many of us become paralyzed when we have to make decisions, but at some point you have to leap and hope realize that even if one fig isn’t quite as perfect as all the rest, at least its a fig. That sounds horrible, but you know what I mean. Make the best of whatever fig you get. Well now, I’m just getting terribly clichéd. The pancakes sound lovely by the way.

    • Thanks, Eliza. I totally get it. Otherwise you starve. You do have to make the most of the path that seems best at the time. There really isn’t a ton of room for regret in life. Life is an adventure and past of the joy is in living it and not letting your options drown you. I love hearing your thoughtful comments.

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