1. Lovely post and pictures, Amanda. The banana bread looks delicious, I love those big chunks of chocolate (and well done with the gif!). I am happy you achieved so much in recent years/months/weeks, and have set so many different goals for yourself – and not just in the kitchen! I feel like we’ve “known” eachother for longer than a year, but then reading this post, I realise how little I really know about you 🙂
    I am looking forward to your new recipes; what a pity you didn’t document the snails (I love snails, but have never prepared any myself), Chinese meatballs, and even the kale, eggs and quinoa dish! I don’t see why you shouldn’t post any “easy” recipes, I love quick and easy recipes that I might never have tought of myself. I hope you aren’t too cold in NY, I’ve read about the snow and cold! The weather here is really warm for the season, but I am not complaining, it is so nice!

    • Thanks, Darya. I feel the same way about you. I think we know each other, the mystery just lies in the details. You’re one of the people who kind of keeps me coming back to this passion 🙂 I think we are at that age where decisions feel like they take on a little more weight, which is why i’m contemplative in the new year. Luckily, I DID document the snails, I just didnt write them up. I”ll do it this week : ) Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll show you what I do with the kale, since you weren’t wowed your first time. Thanks for your comment and I’m looking forward to more good stuff from you !

    • Ha thanks, David! Two banana posts in a row. Sorry to tease you. Your recent life changes have contributed to my contemplative mood. If the banana bread survives the day I can bring some to you 🙂

    • Thanks. As always, very insightful. Nothing bad, just life’s big questions. Not a bad place to be. Your last chicken post was fab btw. Just a little behind on comments 🙂

  2. Baked herb butter snails sounds great – not too fancy at all. I think you need something sweet and lots of hot drinks with all that cold weather though 😉

  3. WOW, it looks like the work of a baker to me! I would kill (not quite though really :P) for a piece of that cake. I love brown sugar and bananas – I bet it’s really rich and delicious.
    And thanks for introducing me to the gif thing; it looks really interesting, and works so well here.

    • Thank you trixpin! Those are great flavors together. It was fun and easy to make. You should totally do it. But be prepared to eat it all. No off button pb this cake 😉

  4. susan frieman

    Always knew that you were a deep thinker. Good that you cherish each day and don’t take life for granted. Beautiful recipe. As always, gorgeous pictures.

  5. Amanda, you write so eloquently. Not only do you have a fine gift of turning out wonderful meals, but putting it down in words as well. I would love to see your posts on your elevated dishes. I can imagine how wonderful your kale with eggs and quinoa dish turned out. Post it please! Lovely banana bread…liking the dark chocolate idea.

    • Thanks so much. Sometimes I wonder if I say to much, but often I think the inspiration behind the dish says more about the food than the recipe. I will definitely post all of the above dishes. I guess I just needed a little encouragement. Thanks.

  6. This is a really beautiful post and made me think a lot about my future- especially as someone who has just graduated college and now needs to find a “real” job. Evolving is a great process, however terrifying it may be. But really, this is so well written and lovely and wonderful to read. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks, Eliza. I’m glad you can relate to it, especially since you’re a baker. I’ve probably got 10 years on you and the decision-making never stops. It’s kind of what’s wonderful about life and scary too. The most important part is trusting yourself. Life isn’t without its mistakes, but the challenge is finding value in them and to keep what’s dear to you alive.

  7. One of my favored things to eat, a new recipe for it by one of my favored blogging friends, a cool GIF that got me all excited … these are some of my favorite things!

    As for future, let me continue with the singing: Que sera sera …. whatever will be will be ..

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