1. Happy New Year, Amanda! I am looking forward to more of your inspiring posts with lovely stories, recipes, and gorgeous pictures of (upstate) New York in the future! I love the rainy pictures you just posted. And I love pancakes. And bananas. And chia seeds (I enjoy stirring a spoonful into a glass of water and then sipping the gelatinous mixture, it is a bit strange, but I like it). And it has been too long since I made pancakes! So the next time I do, I will definitely try adding chia seeds (I sometimes add poppy seeds, and like the texture very much, so I am sure I will enjoy the addition of chia seeds).

    • Thanks so much, Darya. I hope you had a great holiday hopping around France. I’m jealous. I too love doing that with chia seeds, but I put them in tea. It’s a cool texture. It’s also great in the pancakes. I’m glad you love the rain pictures. Rain is so romantic. 🙂 I don’t make pancakes often either, otherwise I’d gain a ton of weight. It makes them special. Happy New Year my friend!

    • Ha! Well they’re the same seeds. Funny, Americans decided to make pet plants out of them and ancient cultures used them as a source of strength. No judgement there, just observation. Gr.

  2. Ah, weekend pancakes. I prefer mine crepe thin (or as close as I can get), but I’m with you – there’s something undeniably celebratory about getting to eat these, day off or no day off!

  3. These sound (and look) terrific. I’ve avoided chia seeds thus far – the aroma of healthy trendiness is too strong – but you may have convinced me to give them a try. Great pics! Love the vertical set of dreary windows. Ken

    • Thanks so much, Ken. That’s my apartment in nyc. Im anti trend too and am trying to just find ways to use these. I’ll try anything once and I really like the texture. Any compliment on photos from you is huge so thank you.

    • Thanks so much. Last night I picked up some whole wheat flour and intend to play with that as well. The dishes were the first dishes I’ve had not from Target so I’m pretty proud of them 🙂

  4. I love banana pancakes! I would make them at home, but my husband is allergic which forces me to find other lovely alternatives. Really love the fact that you put chia seeds in these, I might have to add them to a batch soon.

    Lovely post!

    • Thanks so much. My husband is allergic to potatoes so I know how it is to steer clear of common ingredients. Thanks for your comment. Chia seeds add great texture.

  5. I haven’t had pancakes in so long. I was given a pint of maple syrup as a gift over the holidays and now I’m inspired with what I can use some of it on. 🙂 Wishing you all the best in this new year.

    • What a great gift! Yum! I hadn’t had them in years either. Now I’m out buying different flours. Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year to you. All the best.

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