• Thank you. This was my first attempt so I was really careful. I think I incorporated too much air because the bottoms never deflated, but they were SO good.

    • Thank you, Hannah. You always leave the nicest comments. This really is an art form. I think it can still be perfected, and I’ll try again this weekend, but these were delicious.

  1. Wow, Amanda, these cannelés look amazing! I have never tasted cannelés, and obviously never considered making them! How that is possible, I do not know (I do live quite far from the Bordeaux area 😉 ), but I think the time has come to taste them, and perhaps give them a go myself! Bravo anyway, these look delicious!

    • Thanks so much. Unheard of! I just assumed all people in France have had cannelés. I discovered them in a little French cafe across from my apartment in NY. You make me feel a little better. I was afraid to release this post since there are so many great cooks and pastry chefs that I read from France who might be like, “blasphemy!” You should make them!

  2. Ok. You got me right in the heart with this post!! I can picture the bakery where I eat these in Paris, the street & the entire neighborhood!! You knew I was gonna flip for this post didn’t you? 😉 Ms. Amanda, my gratitude for this post knows no bounds!! 🙂

    • Aw! Thank you. I want to have one in France one day. I knew a Cuban American in Paris would love this! Oh if you were here id give you some, but only if you brought a cortadito to drink with it! Thanks so much for saying all that 🙂

  3. Where did you get these molds! This is one thing I’ve always been scared to try… perhaps if I knew where to get molds I’d be spurred on. Although my cat would probably freak out if the fire alarm went off.

  4. What an interesting cooking process! So new and foreign to me to allow this is set in the fridge for a few days before baking. This are so fancy and I know you must feel like you are being “treated” when you eat one. They sound amazing!

  5. Fig & Quince

    I have never tasted these. I think you did a beautiful job Amanda. Your baking future looks very bright indeed!

    • Thank you so much. I think you would love them. You can get them in the ues on 77th st. We shall see how the baking future goes but your confidence is inspiring. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Aren’t they stunning?! Yep, I think we can safely call you a baker now 🙂 Will have to see if I can find some little moulds to give these a try as that batter sounds delicious.

    • Thank you, Namrata. It was a slow progression. You’ll see as you keep going with your beautiful blog. Changes sneak up on you in very cool unexpected ways. Thanks for dropping by.

    • Thanks for your comment, Liz! I’m making another batch as we speak. I let the batter sit a little longer this time. I’ll have to give them away because if I eat them all, I’ll be in trouble.

  7. Wooow, your canelés look great!!! And I know what I am talking about…being French…I used to see that delicious pastry in my favorite backery store whan I was in France…You did it great!!! Thank you for sharing Amanda.

  8. I never thought canales (my computer keeps trying to tell me these are “canals” . . . . . . were anything special, just a little spongecake or something, until I tried one last week and they were so custardlike and moist I instantly loved them. I must say the photographs belong in a book, that belongs on my coffee table. Gorgeous!!!

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