1. I love celeriac and it’s an excellent soup base. I used it with leftover hake once and it was amazing!
    It’s also delicious mashed and turned into little balls, floured and then fried in olive oil 😉

    • Thanks, JM! There’s lots of good stuff in there. I didn’t have to worry about veggies with this meal. I had it with herb-crusted, honey mustard salmon. Perfect combo.

  2. Fig & Quince

    Winter does seem to mean business this year in New York. It’s crazy cold! I’ve never tried celeriac but I’m bumping into here and there in the blogosphere & would love to try this lovely soup. But really I’m commenting because I absolutely adored the writing in this post. So. Good!

    • Thanks so much, Azita. You’re a great writer as well. You should try this ugly thing. Great flavor! I know you’re here in NYC too and it’s freezing! We won’t be doing much biking anytime soon.

  3. I’m with Azita (F&G). Loved your summary! Hah, wish I could say the same about celeriac, though. I did give it a good shot last winter (it’s their aftertaste I dislike). And can eat them roasted. Just about!

    • Thank you, Johnny! You’re too sweet. I can see how if you’re not into intense celery, you would not be into this ugly monster. I think you could disguise it roasted with spices 🙂 But you should probably stick to squash or a sweeter root.

    • Thanks, Chica. I hope your friend likes it. Mad Dog also made some good suggestions, like serving it with fish, maybe as a puree base or frying it up in little balls. It’s a really versatile root. The soup definitely is worth a shot.

  4. I love celeriac, and often make soups out of it! My favorite is celeriac and chestnut soup, a great combination! Here in France, they love making “céleri rémoulade”, which is grated celeriac and tons of mayo; I make a lighter version of it using yoghurt. But I often run out of ideas, and your soup with apples and parsnips sounds delicious! I love the addition of ginger and smoked paprika, yum!

  5. Hi Amanda, Just this weekend I too tried celery root in a soup with leek and apples for the first time. It was great. Did you add red or green apples? My recipe called for green. Your recipe includes more ingredients and spices (parsnip, ginger and smoked paprika) which all sound like fabulous additions for taste and texture! Thank you for the ideas! ~ Martine

    • Thanks for dropping by, Martine! I used green as well. Soups are pretty versatile so I Betty anything you ads to yours will enhance it
      Enjoy and thanks for your comments 🙂

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