1. These potstickers look fabulous. I admire your ability to make them. I love chinese food but it is difficult to get really good food where I live.I should try making these to satisfy my craving.

    • Thanks jovina! If I could do it so can you. If you can do Italian meatballs you can do these. You just need the wrappers. 🙂 I’ve been obsessed with Chinese lately.

  2. Wow, these dumplings are mouth-watering, Amanda ! Those flavors are so perfect together, and isn’t it satisfying to think “I made these myself”? You should try making the wrappers some day, it is a bit of work, but soooo easy! And I find it is quite a therapeutic activity: rolling, shaping, rolling, shaping… 🙂
    Chicken feet… I recently found a wonderful Chinese restaurant in Paris, and went there with a friend from Côte d’Ivoire, and she ordered chicken feet! I tasted some from her plate and they were ok (not something I would order myself though). It felt like eating chicken bones+crispy skin minus the meat!

    • Wow, Darya! It is satisfying to know I made them. You make your own wrappers? I’m all over that. I think you’ll need to post a recipe. I didn’t end up having the feet because my friend said the consistency was a little odd for my tastes. Next time maybe. They sell them in the stores around here but I may have found my culinary limitation. You really found an authentic place! Thanks as always for your comment!

  3. What an absolutely inspiring post Amanda. This is something I would never think to take on, yet I love them and after seeing your post I am feeling encouraged. Your photograph is stunning and your sauce is fabulous! Very fun read too. 🙂

    • Thank you so much. Your comments are always so thoughtful and encouraging. These really are not hard. You should give it a try. You can make a ton then freeze then for a night you really want a break.

  4. What do I think? Well Amanda, this post is GREAT!!! Wow, you must have a superb camera, I want to grab the food in the photos. Potstickers look and i’m sure taste fabulous. And of course, the sauce that complement is the key to make it complete. Bravo!

  5. Great story, recipe, photos and wok technique. I’ve got a son in Brooklyn, so the next time I visit I’m going to have to check this place out. Really like the idea of searing the ps’s first, then finishing with steam. Sweet! Ken

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