1. Amanda, this looks delicious (I love the matching nail polish, gorgeous color ;))! I love this combination of ingredients, but unlike the other European-based bloggers you mention, I only rarely eat and prepare duck. For me it is a “special occasion” kind of food! Your recipe makes me want to order some duck from the local farm before plum season comes to and end…

    • Thanks, Darya. I think you and I eat similarly. I couldn’t do this every day. Too rich, but wonderful. The nail polish is fittingly called Bordeaux. I’m in a French mood I guess! Thanks for your comment. Love hearing from you.

  2. seconding cookinginsens on the photos–wow. I have not liked duck, but your preparation looks delish. A little bit lighter than I’m used to seeing. Just had breakfast, but am so craving a protein-rich entree right now!

  3. Ooh I bought some duck legs yesterday (I too have been influenced by all the lvoely duck posts recently) – will probably roast them as they take a while longer but the sauce would be perfect with them too! And I don’t mind cooking with wine – a slurp for the pot, a slurp for the cook 🙂

  4. Just stumbled upon your kitchen while I was visiting another blog. Duck is one of the ingredients I absolutely love to eat but just haven’t had chance to cook a lot. It looks like you’ve done a fabulous job searing the duck breast. The homemade plum sauce is definitely a great touch! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi, Amanda–I always loved roasted duck, so when I learned to simply sear a duck breast it was a revelation. Of course, my problem is I want to eat the whole breast. Anyway, lovely post–and VERY nicely composed and executed spoon shot. Ken

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