1. Hmmm I can imagine the smell of that soup! I love butternut squash (is it me, or did you write sweet potato twice instead of butternut squash?), and it sounds like a perfect, warming combination of flavors! It will definitely be an inspiration for the soups I will be making in the next weeks and months!

    • Thanks, Darya. I fixed the error. Ha! I left out the main ingredient. I really made the soup because the change in weather has left me with a cold and I had to do something for myself to feel better. I’m on a deadline at work and there’s just no time to be sick. The spices made all the difference.

      • I hope you get better (make a mixture of turmeric, honey, and lemon juice, pour hot water over it, or just suck on the mixture – it is a bit gross – but so helpful if you have a cold)! Good luck with the work, and enjoy the soups! The weather here is still quite nice and sunny, so I am trying to make the summer last as long as possible, avoiding squashes and apples and enjoying the last overripe tomatoes and eggplants. It won’t last though, so I must eventually get used to the idea!

  2. Um . . . yum? This soup screams fall to me, in all the best ways. Also your photos are incredible, as always. Wonder how it would taste with some toasted cumin seeds on top.

    • Thanks, David! What a great idea! I think I’ll do that next time. The soup does scream fall, but I’m still in denial. It’s a polite overture to fall, not a complete welcome.

  3. This sounds so lovely. I made butternut squash soup last night and I’m now upset with myself for not just looking online and making this one instead (I kinda made up a recipe. It worked alright, put some apple cider vinegar in there, which I really liked.) I was wondering, do you think buttermilk would work well in here as well?

  4. Such a beautiful soup, Amanda! The flavors all sound appealing – I’m such a fan of curry spices – and with fall’s arrival I’m craving soup almost everyday. I can’t wait to make this one! And I love your pictures of the spices, as well.

    • Thanks so much, Hannah. I always love hearing from you as you’re recipes are such an inspiration for me. I hope you are living your new house and that you make many wonderful soups there!

  5. susan frieman

    Another keeper. I will make this very soon. Your love of spice and your eye for beautiful dishes are what makes your recipes so special. Your pictures are amazing! Think it might run in the family.

    • Thank you! I actually think you’d love this. I remember reading Gwen curry for the first time with your and Janna. It’s definitely a family trait down the female line.

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