1. Gorgeous summer feast! I love the grape salad, it sounds so delicious! And beans with almonds? Yes please!!! Lovely post, how wonderful that you managed to treat yourself to such a meal before the end of the summer!

    • Thanks, Darya. Normally when I’m alone, I’ll just have eggs or something to hold me over, but this time, I went all out, with plenty of leftovers. Those grapes were so good!

    • Thanks, Jovina! I love that one too. It also has olive oil and balsamic vinegar (which, incidentally I dropped all over the floor, breaking the bottle. I had no paper towels so I left the broken bottle and brown vinegar all over the kitchen tiles while I ran across the street to the grocery store to get paper towels and a new bottle). The smell was just…overwhelming.

  2. A beautiful celebration of summer’s bounty! Stunning shots and funnily enough I used my Ras el Hanout las tnight in a soup and found myself thinking – I should use this more….now I’m going to use it with my beans!

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