1. susan frieman

    Yum! One of the special gifts of fall. I remember the apple picking and the apple cider,but your mom’s apple pie topped everything. The pictures are wonderful. I can almost taste the pie.

  2. Love the memories you shared with us and the shots of the apples are sooo beautiful – I bet this tastes amazing and when I get back to England this will be made (the apples here in Spain are not so good) 🙁

    • Thanks, Chica! I do love the apple orchard. It’s so different living in NYC, it makes every visit home so much more special. My next post is tomato based because of your lovely post yesterday. All of those tomatoes in your fridge got stuck in my head!

  3. Apple is my favorite pie! We have an apple tree out in the front yard and it is chock full right now! I love making pies this time of year. I’ll be making a few this weekend as a matter of fact! Your’s looks perfect. 🙂

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