1. susan frieman

    Were you visiting home? I love that this dish is so fresh and healthy. Your pictures made me homesick. I need to come for a visit.

    • This is actually closer to your old home! It was a bike ride through long Island stopping at the farm stands along the way. We have to do a house swap one day!

  2. What a wonderful combination of flavours! I’ve really loving beets at the moment and the great varieties that are available at the markets. Fresh figs would be fab in this salad as I’m not the greatest fan of dried ones.

    A loved all of the farm stands on Long Island when we were there last week. So many of them! Also, we happened to to make a trip to Warwick yesterday. Did the markets and had lunch. Your hometown is so lovely!

    • Thank you. Wow you actually went?! I’m so happy. Where did you eat? You probably saw the cafe where I used to work and my whole world. Not many people make it up there. I’m a huge fan of your blog and so flattered that you took the time to go to Warwick. If you are in the city and have time we should meet for coffee.

  3. I love the photos of your bike ride, Amanda! What a fun, delicious day you had. This salad sounds like a marvelous one – I love pairing fruit and veggies together.

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