1. Fantastic – this is exactly the sort of summer food we enjoy here! And you have a beautiful cazuela too 🙂 I agree with the cooking of octopus (and squid and cuttlefish) – either slow and gentle or fast and fierce. I’m waiitng for our fish lady to deliver one to me as I have seen a sort of ceviche recipe I want to try! Love all the peas and beans in the salad…perfect.

    • Thanks. I imagine your octopi must be really fresh. In Spain and Portugal I’ve been lucky enough to witness the fisherman delicately “tenderize” the octopi by slamming them repeatedly against a rock or beating them with a stick. Maybe that helps with the fast and fierce method 🙂 I got my cazuelas from latienda.com Love them. Thanks for your comment!

      • Freezing them then cooking after defrosting them also tenderises them…can’t remember who taught me that but ut really works and is easier than beating them on a rock! Only works with fresh ones though 🙂

        • LOL yes. That’s what it says in Mark Bittman’s article. I don’t even think you can get a fresh one around here so mine have been “pre-tenderized.”

  2. I could not be more impressed by this recipe. I have had octopus as chewy as gum and tender and juicy (in Greece). And black eyed peas? I love them. This really is a fantastic recipe. So well thought out. First thing I thought….”more people need to see this!!” Genius.

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