• Thanks, Fae. I was lucky enough to find all this great produce this week at the market, including having my first experience with edible flowers. I thought I’d utilize it all in one dish. You are so sweet.

    • Thanks! Good question. I found mine in a spice store that specializes in Indian, Asian and middle eastern spices. If you can’t find it, i usually substitute in more ginger. This isn’t an easy recipe to make if you arent near a city.

  1. Gosh your photos are works of art (or do I mean the food on the plate…or both)! I adore curry but in the summer, some of the sauces feel a little heavy but one like this looks and sounds so light and packed full of flavour. And in Andalucia we love our “platos de cuchara” and I think this qualifies as one 🙂

    • Aw Thank you. I’m so jealous that you are in andalucia. This is definitely a light summer curry. I figured I would make one hot thing after all of the gazpacho!

  2. This is a beautiful curry, Amanda! I love meals in a bowl, especially flavorful, spicy ones such as this one. The flowers add such a pretty touch of color, too!

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