• Thanks, Darya. There was something about her raving from someone a little more taciturn that made me realize these things were amazing. 🙂 They were so simple and available, I couldn’t NOT do it.

      • I ended up making these burgers for lunch today and was inspired by your use of spices and herbs! They were fantastic. I will definitely be making them again! I didn’t have halloumi or hot pepper jam, but made a lemon-tahini-yoghurt sauce instead which worked quite well.

        • Oh wow! I’m so glad you liked them! the lemon-tahini yougurt sauce sounds great! I’ll use that one day as well. They were really flavorful. I had never had hot pepper jam before or used halloumi, but I went out and got some and now I’m obsessed with the jam. I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. Thanks for the update. I’ve got a few of your recipes on deck.

  1. I am so happy to learn about beet burgers! Brilliant. They are quite pretty and sound divine. They’ll be on our table soon! Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful summer!

  2. Wow, best all year coming from a hardcore carnivore (I live with one too). This is an endorsement I can’t ignore. I will let you know if my hubby likes them as much. They sound/look so good (poetically written), I bet he will.

  3. Amanda, This is a gorgeous “burger.” The flavors are original, bright and complex. I am so impressed by the flavors and the photos. The beet, halloumi (yum!) and hot pepper/chili jam (double yum!) sound like a winning combination. Keep up the amazing cooking. Best, Shanna

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