1. OH DEAR. Now I am just sitting in front on the computer drooling. The dinner I planned for tonight suddenly sounds really boring. The eggplant/yoghurt/almonds/herbs sounds absolutely amazing! And the salmon… yummm. Great post!

  2. This is lovely Amanda. I haven’t seen green chilli flakes here but will track them down online.

    Thank you for your comment about my blog and fig & rosewater yoghurt recipe, I’m thrilled you were able to adapt it and make it your own.

    You’ve convinced me to buy the Persian cookbook, I was mulling it over after reading the reviews on Amazon but wasn’t sure if I would use it.

    I have bookmarked your blog and will check in from time to time. I also like your writing style and your recipes look wonderful.

    Best regards from Sydney Australia,

    • Thanks so much, Tanya. I discovered your site through Pinterest and was drawn in by your amazing photography. Then your writing voice won me over. You’re down to earth, you research your subject and break down the recipes easily. Plus, it’s clearly a joy for you and it shines through your writing. Thanks for stopping by! It’s an honor.

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