1. How interesting. I have never heard of kiwicha, I wonder whether one can find it in France! And the whole thing looks and sounds delicious!

  2. Doc. H.

    Many of your recent recipes look delicious and are based upon nut-like ingredients (quinoa, kiwicha) which until recently would be verboten for ppl following a strict coronary heart disease diet of low fat, hi fiber , low starch low salt. Now with the new NEJM recommendation endorsing the Mediterranian diet I am eating some quantities of olive oil, nuts and complex sugars. As I previously stated your recipes look delicious and I was wondering if you could enter the ingredient’s nutritional values {e.g. fat content and components, carb. content. fiber content, protein content, Na, K, and some vitamin content…. and also portion size]…..they are probably listed on the packages.

    • Thanks for your comment, Doc H/Dad! Quinoa and kiwicha are actually grains that are high in protein and have some omega 3s, which are good for your heart. These come in packages and you can read for yourself how good they are for you. You should talk to your cardiologist, though. They do say that Mediterranians have the greatest life expectancy due in part to their diets. Lots of fish and fresh veggies. I have no idea what the exact nutritional content of the meals I make are, but as I learned from Mom and Grandma, I cook for heart health. No meat, all lean poultry, easy on the carbs/triglycerides. Everything can be modified and substituted to make it healthier, vegetarian, kosher, etc. Some of the ingredients I use come in packages, but some of them come from the butcher or big barrels filled with beans, etc. I think your best method of eating is to stay away from processed foods and to know in general (like you do) what kinds of foods are high in triglycerides and bad fat and do everything in moderation…including exercise. That’s what I do here. Not all of the recipes are printed in their originals. I’ve adapted them, switched out the meat, use salt sparingly, lowered the fat (substituting nonfat greek yogurt for sour cream), left ingredients out, halved the nuts, skipped the butter, reduced the oil, double some spices for anti-oxidant effects etc.Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy! Maybe I’ll see you in the dining room sometime.

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