1. Minced lamb holds the flavour of these spices perfectly. Kofta with tahini sauce – who could ask for better? I may be having venison for dinner, no bad thing, but wish I had the lamb to make this tonight 🙁 Thanks.

  2. This looks incredible. And also kosher for Passover. Huzzah! May have to make it this week. I really need to get a copy of Jerusalem. People are in love with that book.

    • Thanks, Eliza. Everything in it is so good. I didn’t understand it until I started making my way through it. It’s changed the way I cook! Just a few more days to go re Passover!

  3. I love this cookbook too, and anything that walks and talks like a meatball is good with me. Your version looks delicious! I just bought the Ottolenghi book and the bookseller told me he is coming out with “Plenty More”, another book, very soon. Yay! Love your blog and recipes so far . . . !

    • Thanks so much. I had heard about the new book. Im excited because sometimes I think my treatment of vegetables is lacking. I really appreciate your thoughtful comment!

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