1. Hi there – I sent you an email but don’t know if you received it! We labored over which dish was the winner in the April Tasting Jerusalem contest – we gave the grand prize to the Orange-scented Couscous pudding from BlueKaleRoad but love this variation and decided to send all entrants a small thank you gift – it will be a spice that will be very useful for future months of cooking. Please send me your mailing address if you would like to receive your gift! So thrilled to have you cooking and chatting with us – and love all the pins on Pinterest!

  2. Hi Amanda, it’s great to meet you through Tasting Jerusalem! I’ve had this soup marked for awhile to try, so I’m delighted to read about your lovely variation. I love all the fresh herbs in it! I look forward to cooking from Jerusalem together. 🙂

    • So nice of you to comment, Hannah! I made it because yours looked so good. Your whole website it just gorgeous and your joy for cooking it is magnetic. I’m looking forward to cooking with you too!

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