1. Just saw this on the nytimes website and looks delicious! Brussel sprouts (hated so much as a child) have become one of my loves in recent years. Although I would love to add some pancetta to this. Or chorizo.

    • Yes! Chorizo would add a really good flavor to it. I actually didn’t want to do that yet because I’m going to be one of the people in conversation with Nigella! I can’t wait to ask her some questions. I haven’t really told anyone yet in case I make a fool of myself. Thanks for your comment!

      • That’s incredible!! And I’m sure you won’t make a fool out of yourself, don’t be silly. But wow. Nigella is my mother’s favorite cookbook author. And I loved watching her show growing up. I find her to be an inspiration to home cooks everywhere.

  2. Aw thanks! Yeah it’s pretty cool. She’s a big inspiration of mine too in terms of picking ingredients and of being unapologetic about being a little frenzied in the kitchen. Once a night in my kitchen you’ll usually hear a big bang and me cursing, but having no time to deal with the mess b/c everything else is time-sensitive. I’ll definitely do a follow up post if all goes well!

  3. Very impressive to not only see you in the New York Times, but with Nigella no less. And even more impressive that she liked your retweaking of her recipe by remarking how she’s going to “steal” your idea of using parsnip.

    • Thanks, Xio! It was such a fun experience chatting with Nigella on the Times. It’s a bit of a dream come true. I love how she said that I accidentally made it more English!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and for liking my post. Your blog is so fresh and inviting. I love the photos and I love the salads!!!

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