1. Love this! I am a gma (they call me Nana) trying to share a love of cooking with my own gkids. Just started a blog to journal all my fun times in the kitchen with the kids, but I have a lot of those old recipe books, and they are precious! My Grandma Ruby taught me to cook, and now I am passing it on…all the stories, all the goof ups, and all the fun! Love this…come visit me too. http://cookingwnana.wordpress.com/

    • Hi Nana! Thanks for stopping by. Your blog idea is beautiful, as are your grandkids. Your about page expresses who you are and your grandkids will always have that. I love that cartoon icon of Nana. Did you draw that?

      • Thanks for visiting! The cartoon is an adaptation of a royalty free graphic I found on line. I teach art and I photoshopped/painted the advertising out of it, and added my own touches. So made it my own. I thought it reflected who I am, really. Thanks.

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