1. I like how you incorporated fractal imagery.   Interesting idea to use sweet potato and to bake them.   Xio

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  2. What a wonderful story, and quite educational. There’s an onion princess? The other day Iearned there’s an Ipswich in Massachusetts and now I learn there’s also a Warwick in New York. The state of Queensland here in Australia has places of the same names, both of which I lived in for almost two years during my chefs apprenticeship back in the early 90’s.
    I’ve just added Warwick to my to do list for when we’re in NYC. Looks like I’ll be hiring a car for a little road trip!
    I like your use of sweet potato in this recipe!

    • Thanks for your comment! Ipswich, Mass is so beautiful. If you’re around during the summer you must take your rental car and stay there for a weekend too. One of my favorite writers, John Updike, used to live there. As for Warwick, definitely visit. It’s also known for its apple orchards and I see you are also quite a baker.

    • Thanks, Chica. Funny you mention Ottolenghi. I hadn’t read that recipe, but this is something I grew up with from Israel so it makes sense. 🙂 Your post totally brought me back to this one.

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